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Gamers, how often do you use "walkthroughs" for assistance?

Asked by Jude (32098points) June 24th, 2011

Do you ever turn to the internetz for help?

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If the game is half bad I may use one. In other words, if it is poorly laid out or explained, but stll has some good bits, and I want to but can’t complete it, then I’ll use one.

Also, If I’m playing an MMORPG, I may use guides to locate things, on some online games it’s almost impossible to get by without looking things up. You could spend 4 or 5 hours searching if all you had to go on was the info in the game.

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Fuck that shit.

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I try real hard not to, but sometimes I can’t resist. I always try many times before turning to walkthroughs.

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In adventure puzzle games when I’ve done everything I can think of bit still can’t progress or if a puzzle is repetitive and stupid – like do I really have to spend another half hour in a maze I’ve already solved once?
But once I’ve opened a walkthru it’s too tempting to cheat when I’m only mildly frustrated so I try not to use them.

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When I feel I needed one. Most of the time I’ll try to play the game on my own and I’m afraid that the walkthrough will take away the enjoyment/experience. Sometimes I will peek for ‘secrets’ since some games offers ‘secrets’ that most people will hardly figure it out on their own. Also, when I’m completely stuck I’ll definitely go look for one.

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Usually when I want a specific outcome and not be bothered with trying again.
Like reviving Chidori in Persona 3 FES and reviving Nanako in Persona 4

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@ragingloli Oh I love Shin Megami Tensei series too!

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I don’t use walkthroughs, but I do use the net to figure out what the stupid secret achievements are. How can you get them if you don’t know what they are?

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It depends on the game. For a game like Disgaea 2, reference works are almost mandatory; the official guide is 640 pages, and less than half of it is actual walkthrough. However, I rarely do things the same as the walkthrough suggests anyways, making that section useless to me most of the time.

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I try not to, but sometimes… Yes. I actually was just using one for the Wiiware adaptation of Cave Story. I try not to ruin the experience, but sometimes you just get stuck and you don’t have much of a choice. Especially if the game is as addicting as it is.

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I use walk throughs after I had already beaten the game at least once. After that I’m just trying to do/get everything the game has to offer.

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The only time I used a walk through was on World of Warcraft. It was twice. Once to get to the hidden troll party. The second time, to get to the old IF airstrip. That’s the only pc game I play.

For my Xbox, I have never used walk throughs. I don’t even think to look it up online.

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Without an occasional peek at a walk-through, I never would have been able to move forward in some games…like with Myst.

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I usually flip through them for hard sections, when I’ve been fighting the same boss for days, or wandering about lost for hours, to give me the good prod in the right direction. The only game I used the walkthrough for entirely was Earthbound, because well, the guide was awesome.

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If I am stuck and don’t understand what I am supposed to do, I might refer to a walk-through. I then set it aside and try to do it on my own as much as I can.

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I don’t usually use walkthrough’s, but I do keep a variety of websites for my MMOG “Star Trek Online.”

It is my first MMOG and it is intricate.

BTW, I love that Game!
Especially because of the Teaming and Fleeting with other people.
We also use a voice program so we can talk and do things at the same time.

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—@BeckyKytty If you haven’t seen it, you should watch The Guild.

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