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What's wrong with my Facebook account?

Asked by augustlan (47711points) February 8th, 2012

Since last night, I’ve been unable to access my FB page. (Can’t get to Fluther’s FB page, either.) When I try to get on, I get this error message. At first, I just assumed Facebook was down, but I’ve had someone else check, and it’s fine for him. When he tried to go to my profile, though, he saw a very similar error message. Help?

I’m not using the timeline yet, if that helps.

I have to run out for a few hours, but I’ll check back later. Thanks in advance!

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By the way, I tried to use the ‘help’ button on FB, but no dice. Tried to log out so I could use the ‘help’ button… nope, it won’t let me do anything!

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I had that error a few times, maybe 4 years ago. It turned out to be temporary, as they said. I never found out why. Nothing was changed on my page, and no warnings were issued or anything (even though I break their rules by using an obviously fake name – I was a little worried about that).

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I could be wrong on this because I hardly ever use facebook, but I believe facebook are having a big update today, they are implementing a new system that shows all the walls in a different way.

My page is still looking like the old ones, but my girlfriends page is now updated to the new version.

It will probably get fixed by its self soon enough.

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Hmm, I’ve been able to get on today.

I did get that error message myself once a few weeks ago, but when I went back I could get in.

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Yep, you are unavailable to me, too Auggie.

I did have this one day with my FB page. When I tried hours later my page was back.

EDIT: Auggie, can you use the Help if using my link?

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Often, gimungous sites like FB will have their database spread across multiple distributed SQL servers. I would guess that, at that moment, the partition of the user table containg your account was undergoing maintenance.

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@SpatzieLover I was able to use your link, from my daughter’s computer. It basically said, if you see this error message, it means we’re doing maintenance. If it doesn’t clear up after 24 hours, contact us.

It’s driving me crazy, because I need to respond to a message I got yesterday, and I can see that I have two new messages, but can’t access them. Argghhh!

Thanks, everyone, for your answers.

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Try using a smartphone to access it? My droid mobile app let me get messages from facebook when I could not get on with the PC.

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@Shebopwebopalubop I would, but I only have a dumbphone. :(

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UPDATE: It’s back! Thanks again, guys. :)

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