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Ladies: Is it an awkward moment when you hug another female and your boobs press up against eachother?

Asked by YoKoolAid (2424points) February 8th, 2012

Forgive me, I have a strange mind.

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LOL! Sometimes…depending on the female. My sister has a problem with it when hugging me

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I know as a guy that it can be awkward when they rub against me. It’s 100% dependent upon who the lady hugging me is though. Is it a relative like my mother or sister? Or is it some attractive young lady?

Context is everything.

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Boobs are not on my mind when hugging another woman.

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No. But you just go ahead and enjoy the image all you want. Geez.

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No; not at all.

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When I have an erection and hug another guy it’s never strange, so it can’t be that bad for women, right? :D

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No. Can’t say I have ever thought about it.

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Nope – just extra comfort.

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No. Women (for the most part) have breasts. You either get the hell over it, or never hug any woman. Getting over it is significantly easier and significantly more enjoyable.

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No. I’m a female, we have boobs so that’s the way it is.

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There are exceptions. When ladies you wouldn’t ordinarily hug trap you in a hug it’s weird. Though in that case it’s generally one of those weird side-hugs. In my opinion if you’re not comfortable giving a proper hug you probably shouldn’t be hugging the person at all, I don’t care what their gender or boobage is.

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* closes eyes, smiles *

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Usually not, but sometimes it is. It has more to do with the hugger, if they seem not into it, then the boob thing can be noticeable in my experience, but usually I don’t even notice they have breastizes.

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It’s just a friendly but meaningless and usually brief squish. (The hug isn’t meaningless. The squish is meaningless.) When I hug somebody, there’s always the squish on my side. When the other person isn’t flat, it’s an extra squish. That’s all.

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Not even for a split second. As a matter of fact, until I read this question the thought never even crossed my mind.

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Haha…no. I’m with @SpatzieLover

I’m more concerned about pressing up against an aroused penis when I consider the hug to be platonic. lol

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I’ve never given it a thought.

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No not awkward at all.

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@Blackberry you told me it was a concealed gun!!!! Must purge self… Lol

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Never thought about it. Are you trying to make me feel self-conscious?

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I suspect men are far more obsessed with our boobs than we are.

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Ladies, please be more descriptive. I’ve got mood music on.

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Yes @Jeruba described it nicely a bit of a squish.
Guys I’m sorry I can’t be more descriptive. I guess you’ll have to use your imagination.

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Never thought about it that much, so no. It would be awkward if like, my hand felt a mouth or an eyeball attached to their back though.

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Sometimes if I have to hug someone with equally large breast and are short like myself.. Then it may be hard to get my arms about for a good hug.
One time I did hug someone who had fake boobies and it felt weird. It sent shivers down my spine. I didn’t know till I hugged her. They don’t squish like regular boobies. I felt like I just hit my chest against a wall. It was extremely creepy.
One time I went to go hug my neice who is small chested and she gave me a big hug and then said out loud that my boobs where like soft pillows. That was a bit awkward but I had to laugh. She’s just naturally silly.
But most of the time it doesn’t really bug me. Most people are taller than me so I end up with a shoulder hug and the boobs don’t get in the way.

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Yes, it feels awkward to me, but I also have personal space issues. I usually give the arm around the shoulder side type of hug, unless the other person catches me off guard and forcibly hugs me from the front.

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Uh… No. I usually don’t really notice.
I do find it awkward when I hug a guy, and he lifts me off the ground. I hate that.

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Ok, when we were little my grandmother was really short with giant boobs that our faces would smush into when she hugged us. We all felt smothered, then she gave us a big, wet kiss on the lips. EEEEeeeeeeuuuu.

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@wilma “Guys I’m sorry I can’t be more descriptive. I guess you’ll have to use your imagination.” Imagination has been working on it since the subject line, no prompting required.
Every bit of information in the answers has only brightened and nuanced the concept. That’s just the way we’re wired.

But I really couldn’t have put it better than @bob_ , who is considering a different kind of sandwich than usual.

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Whenever I see boobs colliding, I feel like cheering, Boobs-shakala-kalakaboobs-shakalakala-kaboobs!

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I have never given it a moments thought until now so I obviously have never felt awkward about it!

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:-) @tedd, I was being nice.

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It can be, yes.

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