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Worst job you've had?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) May 22nd, 2008

…and what did you learn from it?

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Cleaning a night-club at 7am every Saturday and Sunday morning. I learned how to operate a ‘pressure cleaner’ dealy to wash the bathrooms and I learned that people are insane. I found anything from make-up, mobile phones, single socks, shoes and underwear in the bar area…..

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Working as a maid at the local “no tell motel” – they had hourly rates. I learned that no matter how you are trained to do the job, it is not proper to clean the bathtub with the toilet brush.

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Managing a motel. I learned that drunks can’t read neon flashing no vacancy signs, and will ring the bell and wake you at the most ungodly hours!

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it was in a factory that produced flavour powders, the pay was €20 an hour, but also nightshifts, the worst was, when i’d been to school from 9 till 4, then working from 11 till 7, i remember one night, @ around 4:30, i was so tired, i started hallucinating, i’ve never done drugs, but i got some of the experience right there, oh man, i was thinking that pipes where giant legs, etc.

one other downside, sometime we had stuff like mustard powder, believe me, you don’t want to inhale that stuff, oh man. oh and i had the smell of tomato or chicken on me for the next day, oh, but the pay was good, let me tell you, haha

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The biscuit baker at McDonalds. Had to be there at 4:45am and had to make salads in between trays of biscuits.

What I learned: Be nice to fast food folks. Most likley they don’t want to be there but at least they are.

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Being a “greeter” at the Gap. I was 21 and had to say hello to everyone that walked in the store. I was also instructed to compliment each person I encountered: I really like your tie, shoes, belt, earrings, etc. What a load of phony crap, but the discounts were good.

One day, when I’d had it, I called in and said, “Hi! I’m not coming in today and I’m never coming back.” That was almost 20 years ago; it was my last retail job, ever.

What did I learn? Never to ask a salesperson his/her opinion and that I was not cut out for retail work.

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In a cannery in Alaska one summer. I stood all night long in freezing water half way up my waders. On the shrimp line, we worked feverishly picking shell and debris out the shrimp as they moved incredibly fast down a conveyor belt. It was a lost cause. I was the final inspection point on the end, gave the shrimp a final pick over, and then hefted the 25 lb. box onto a pallet headed for the freezer. It was a hard way to make money.

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my worst was working at Dell Computer Corp doing technical support. i hated being on the phone and not being able to touch the machines I was troubleshooting. And then you don’t know who you’ll get on the other line. Dell likes to move people around in the company to “fill needs”. I started out in laptops, then got moved to a pilot program for OS reinstalls, then got moved back to laptops and finally ended up in desktops. This all happened in a span of a year. it was my first “real” job and it actually turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me at that time.

Through my duration at Dell I learned how to troubleshoot over the phone and get some real world experience. If I hadn’t worked there, I might not be where I am today…of course, I’ll never do tech support in that capacity ever again if I can help it. i don’t think I ever want to hear that dreaded “bing” again. (for those of you who have never worked in telemarketing or phone support, the “bing” signifies a new incoming call).

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Emptying a grease trap, that it really smells and is disgusting!

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When I was 20 I worked for a temp agency and one day they sent me to an apartment complex where I met the apartment manager. He needed help cleaning out a couple apartments that had been abandoned by the tenants. The previous tenants owned pets (at least I hoped so) and by the looks of the apartments they never took the pets on any walks. Also, it was a hot summer day and the apartments didn’t have air conditioning. That was not a fun day!

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BLOCKBUSTER INC. ...I learned to never work for a company that doesn’t truly appreciate or properly compensate their associates. What an AWFUL company. I do, however, still rent movies from there if my Netflix is taking longer than expected. :)

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