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Have you had the experience of someone responding to something in the same way you were intending to if you had acted first?

Asked by Hobbes (7368points) February 9th, 2012

I’m referring to things like finishing another person’s sentence, but also to something that happens particularly often in internet discussion threads, and particularly on Reddit. Someone will ask the exact same question or give the exact same comment I had in mind, usually phrased slightly differently, but it’s close enough and it happens often enough that it’s quite remarkable. Reddit half-jokingly calls itself “the hive mind” and fluther is “the collective”. Perhaps there’s a deep significance to those terms, especially in the context of the internet, that we’re only beginning to understand.

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Absolutely. It happens all the time with my husband and certain friends I am very close to. Where they say something I was just about to say myself. Or they do something I was just about to do. Or I will think of someone, then they write to me or phone me. It’s sort of like they picked up on my thoughts.

It does happen here too. Where I am just about to post something and a post appears from another person saying pretty much what I had planned to write.

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On Fluther, all the time.

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Hey @marinelife , I was going to say that. ~

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Yes, I just say @marinelife me too.

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Sometimes. And in a confrontational situation, that may be a good thing. That first reactor may take the punishment for the entire like-minded group. A stalking horse, so to speak.

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Happens to me here, all the time. I end up giving GA’s instead of answering, because it’s already been said and I have nothing to add.

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