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Hey, so has anyone got any good reviews for Goddard College in Vermont?

Asked by emeraldisles (1949points) February 9th, 2012

So I’ve been researching it and thinks that it sounds like it could possibly be a good fit for me, considering the fact that I am creative and not your typical learner. Narrative evaluations, it’s in Vermont , 2 hours away from my house, a small school which is what I would want. I hear good things about the creative writing program ad art program. So does anyone know anything more about the reuquirements aside from gpa, such as if I would have to submit a writing sample. I’m not asking anyone to google for me, it’s just the website has me confused a little where the admissions section is.

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My brother went there yearss and years ago when it was a residential college. He loved it and is now a leading scholar in his field. I think the programs they have now are well regarded and they love artsy types. As for current admissions policies, I would call their admissions office to discuss.

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Thank you. I just think it could be a good fit because I’m creative and learn differently. I just don’t know about SAT scores, which I never took.I just couldn’t at the time.

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@emeraldisles I imagine they have many adult learner applicants who haven’t taken the SATs. I would definitely talk to Admissions and see if they are required.

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