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What are some ideas for countering baldness?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 11th, 2012

Does anyone know if those infomercials really work? IE “Bosley or Hairclub” What I understand is the my body is always pumping out testosterone and dht follows as well into the scalp.
Have you heard of switched diets to counter balding? Avoid certain foods? This sucks, I’m 24 years old.

Hair line is Pretty much like Jude Laws right here.

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Heredity is heredity. My family had male patterned baldness, becoming bald by age 35. Are your mother’s father and uncles on that side of the family bald? (The trait is passed by the mother’s genes) Now baldness is in style to the extent that young men shave their heads. I know nothing about the things they say you can do to grow hair. Perhaps other jellies will know.

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My husband started shaving his head at your age due to baldness. A little facial hair and bald head are a turn on for many women (and men).

Don’t be afraid of the baldness. Embrace it.

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I’m assuming you are male? Genetics and high Testosterone causes baldness. Bald heads and big libidos. lol No products short of hair implantation will make much of a difference from what I know, but new research is always coming out. Some people go prematurely gray too, I have known two people that went gray in their 20’s. I’d be wary of spending a lot of money on snake oil. You might just need to work on your psychological adjustment.

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Contrary to what @Sunny2 said….baldness can happen from genes inherited by either side of the family along with the right hormones. So there is two parts….Genes ( which can come from wither side of the family ) & Hormones. You need BOTH to go bald (1 gene + hormones).

-Propecia is a medicine regarding blood pressure but doctors subscribe it for hair loss prevention (ask your doctor)
-Rogaine (minodoxil) is also known to work.

I am not sure if the above two stop a receding hair line (my guess is it does not)

I think there is also surgery or hair grafting as options but I am not too familiar with them.

I once read that research had showed that baldness is basically hair shrinking to micro size instead of loosing it and they were able to get some hair back on mices….so there is some promising work in the future.

Apart from that I have read short hair cuts (buzz cut & crew cuts) are good for thinning hair. If not then shaving is a good option.

The link for your picture did not work.

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Also stress, excessive maturating, and pulling your hair in a obsessive fashion

can cause hair-loss.

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Going bald in your 20’s usually is genetic. Usually starts at the front with a receding hairline. Men who start balding in their late 40’s and older the hair is most likely to start balding at the top, near where the soft spot was when we were babies, or just general thinning all over.

I have a feeling the type of balding you have is tougher to treat, but Rogaine does really work for people. I think, but am not sure, that dermatologist treat hair loss. I would see a doctor, rule out other reasons besides genes, and see what he suggests. By the way, I am pretty sure Rogaine is one of those women should not even touch, I mean literally touch, if they are in child bearing years and not using birth control, so read the precautions if you are dating or married.

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Just say screw it. I’m not dependent on my hair. My hair is dependent on me. I do what I want to it.

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Propecia is the drug that a woman is not supposed to touch. There is a Rogaine for women and the ingrediants are the same as in the men’s Rogaine, a little less strong though.
The thing about taking any medicine for baldness, be it Propecia or Rogaine is that you have to continue the medicine the rest of your life. Once you stop, the baldness reverts back.
I think bald men are very attractive and the best thing might be to just embrass your baldness and rock it!

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@auhsojsa I recommend you come to terms with it and own it. The baldness is a part of you.

My husband keeps it short. I actually just got done giving him a haircut prior to typing this.

Hair is not a factor in my opinion of him at all.

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Yea you have to use Propecia and Rogaine continuously and results don’t show up until 6 months of use. If I were you I would do it for a few years say till like 29/30 and after that just accept it.

I would say people like Bruce Willis and Jason Statham are not bad looking people.

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I know a guy in his 50’s that has gone completely bald in the middle but still wears his hair long on the sides. He’s a great guy, but he looks rediculous IMO.
The Bozo the clown look. Um no. lol

Yes, just shave it, bald is sexy.

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Damn, that spray on hair must be highly flammable. Like silly string on your head. Don’t flick your bic around that guy. lol

Personally the bad toupees and comb overs are my fav. Oh the size of a mans ego is almost always, at least, 3 times the circumference of his skull. haha

The best medicine IS humor! :-P

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No body thinks the long hair on the sides and baldness looks ancient perhaps :P ? Weird thing is, my grandpa on my mothers (Filipina) side doing the quiff til he died at the age of 60 due to cancer. My fathers (Eastern European Descent) side are all bald.

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No body thinks the long hair on the sides and baldness looks ancient perhaps

If it’s not properly maintained, sure.

If it’s kept clean and short-Not a chance.

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