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Safest way to shrink a cotton t-shirt?

Asked by sarahjane90 (1805points) January 23rd, 2011

I bought a really lovely t-shirt online, in a size M however it fits rather like an XL!

Instead of having to actually alter it, I was hoping there is a safe way for me to shrink it. The shirt has quite a delicate, glossy print on it – which is why I am particularly uneasy about washing and drying on high heat. It is made out of 100% cotton, which is why I thought about possibly shrinking it, even slightly. The washing instructions do suggest that simple machine wash is acceptable, however.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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I think that it suggests simple washing instructions so it will not shrink. I’ve shrunk things, both on purpose and accidentally that way.

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If they specifically state that machine wash is ok it means that the design is designed to withstand it. Transfers nowadays are made with much more sophisticated materials and technology compared to when they first appeared on the market.

I would feel ok about putting it with other stuff in a hot wash but perhaps not the dryer. What do the instructions say about drying ?

Since the size discrepancy is so wide I think it’s pretty unlikely that a hot wash would shrink it too small.

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Either you have a large T shirt or wash and dry on hot. There’s no other way to shrink it.

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I think I will try just washing it inside out first, a bit reluctant to dry it. The instructions do advise against drying. Maybe I can get the hair dryer and try around the print? Or would that have little effect?

…if all else fails, maybe this one should take a visit Mom and her sewing machine, I’m sure she would be able to do some alteration to it. I had a look and it seems there are quite a few things that can be done to a tshirt!

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wash it on high heat, partially dry it on high heat [checking at intervals] and finish drying it by wearing it damp to get it to conform to your body.

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Super size your next couple of meals at McDonald’s and grow into that new shirt…

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@boffin I did consider that route…. might not be the quickest way, but its probably the safest for the shirt ;)

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If it fits like an XL, you will probably end up having to alter it. Keep in mind that when things shrink, they often get shorter, not smaller. Would this be problem with the shirt fit?

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I would try sticking it in the dry a few times after the first time you’ve dried it.

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I’m pretty sure if you turn it wrong side out, it will help protect the design, then wash in very hot water, and dry on high heat.

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