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What is my problem?

Asked by Rickover (110points) February 12th, 2012

I have this strange thing I can’ t explain. I was afraid of the dark when I was little but not anymore. I can stay in completely dark rooms without being afraid. Now I have a problem that I always look around me when I go to sleep. I am in my bed and every fifteen seconds or so I look around me as if I expected to see some strange creature . My room is not completely dark because there is light from the computer. This happens also when I take a nap during the day. Am I paranoid? Does anyone else have this issue? I am 16 by the way.

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We all have strange fears or anxieties from time to time. I would only worry about it if it really interferes with your sleeping. If it does, you might want a short term therapy course.

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We’re vulnerable when we’re asleep. You want to feel completely secure before surrendering your awareness of your surroundings. Feelings of general insecurity aren’t at all uncommon at your age. You’re becoming more independent, and with that comes the realization that you’re more responsible for your own security.

Consider whether there may be something going on in your life that makes you feel especially vulnerable. If not, then this is probably just a little taste of the existential angst most of us deal with in one form or another.

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When I was younger I suffered periodically from hypnagogia, where I was fearful due to hallucinations. I didn’t know these were hallucinations at the time, and had no explanation for thinking the bogeyman was in the room with me. This only happened in periods of exhaustion though.
Anyway, it might be a form of this, so check it out.

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I have this fear that the government is watching me! Every night before I go to bed, I walk all around my house searching for them: under the front porch, in the storage room, I even check the garden hose to see if any of them have slithered up in there! Only when there’s no evidence of the sneaky Feds around do I finally go to bed and drift off to sleep, only to have nightmares about acquatic Feds in our water supply! It’s a terrible burden to bear!

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What games are you playing? And sleep with a night-light, not the computer on. Try to stay away from the computer an hour before going to sleep. Same for TV. It’s not the same quality of sleep.

You’re 16 – so I’m guessing it has to do with your games and pc.

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Buy yourself a puppy. It will grow into a big dog and protect you.

Name your puppy Shadow and he will be there for you, forever.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless it’s keeping you up at night. I was afraid something was going to grab me from under the bed and would jump the last couple steps to avoid this (even though I knew it was silly) until…sometime in my 20s….? Shh, don’t tell anyone :-)

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Your survival instincts are extreme.

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Mmmmm…you’re 16. I went through a stage about then where I was afraid to go to sleep. I over analyzed it, thought about becoming, basically, unconscious and having no control, and it freaked me out! I kind of obsessed on that for about a year, but I got over it.

@Captain Harley…LOLL!!! Have you looked in the toilet? That’s where they usually congregate!

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ROFLMAO!!!! That’s RIGHT! I clean forgot about that! : D

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