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Where do the Tupperware tops go?

Asked by janbb (51303points) February 12th, 2012

I got plenty of bottoms, but very few tops are for me. Anyone have a theory as to where they go? (I suspect they run off with the rogue socks but I need proof; proof I tells ya!)

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It’s probably in the same unknown dimension where my socks, pens and sanity went.

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Shit, where’s my highlighter?

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Just this evening I missed a top.
I had some salad left over and wanted to place the top on it, but all I could find were three tops that were either too small or to big….
I don’t know, Jan.

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I’m pretty sure that Stephen King wrote a short story about that once.

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Hahahhaha! You should see my cupboard. I am down to 5 tops and probably a dozen bottoms.

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Beats me, I have a boatload of missing lids too and I always keep them all together. I even bought a bunch of new plastic containers about a year ago and some of those lids are missing. It’s the Lidstergeist. lol
I’ve lost my favorite bra today. I SWEAR I put it in the wash the other night, but, it is not anywhere to be found. WTF? lol

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With Supermouse’s keys.

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I can get drunk and piss on my sisters TV in the middle of the night and she laughs and makes me buy her a new TV.

I misplace one single piece of Tupperware and she goes onion on my ass.

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I hate the tupperware drawer. :(

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They roll, they hide, they play with our minds.

Our Tupperwar tops are in a round plastic trash can.

They cannot escape, they cannot hide and they do not play with our minds.

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The run away to the circus.

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I think that they sneak out when it’s dark and hide under the dishwasher and stove. They hide there among the dust bunnies and small skittering cat toys.

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My hubby does a pretty good job of losing the whole container.

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They’re hanging around with my right-hand leather gloves. I do have a magnificent collection of left-handed ones. (If anyone has right-handed ones, in black and in a size 7, let me know and we’ll have a prisoner exchange in neutral territory.)

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At my house we have a trice-a-decade ritual where we take all the tupperware, ziploc crap and rubbermaid out and play: match the lids with the containers. Any orphans get thrown out. It’s a family affair.

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I think they run off to play with the frisbees.

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Through the same wormhole as odd socks and the lids off ballpoint pens.

Seriously though, when I needed to fix a leak behind my washing machine, there was a whole nest of them back there.

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My problem seems to be, I have loads of tops and loads of bottoms but none of them seem to fit each other!!! How?

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@Leanne1986 clearly that wormhole’s other end is in your house.

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