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Do you have things you won't go on a trip without?

Asked by marinelife (62440points) May 22nd, 2008

I don’t mean the usual suspects like underwear, I mean things you have found over the years to be a big help when you travel.

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A cold kit. Everything OTC that I might need if I got a cold. It seems when I have it, I don’t get one and vice versa. I also NEVER travel without a change of clothes in my carryon in case I get bumped or my check in gets lost. It is almost a good luck charm, because I have only needed it once in recent years. I also have to have my brand of hair conditioner. It is nearly impossible to find and the only thing that gets the tangles out of my long locks.

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ACID. Can’t have a trip without it.

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I must have my mp3 player on a trip or I will probably go insane!

@ Seesul – what brand of hair conditioner is that?

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second the earplugs. and a chicobag so you don’t have to use plastic bags while you travel. i also found them to be awesome while i was in mexico for getting lots of delicious produce. i guess it depends on the type of travel, but its also good to have some dr bronners…..

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@emilyrose What is a Chicobag? I am also not familiar with Dr. Bronners.

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@bearfair What are the earplugs for?

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to avoid noisy fellow travelers i would assume. especially to nap in the plane etc.

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A good book and my ipod.

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ditto the Dr. Bronner’s available at most health food places like Whole Foods.

As a germphobe, I always take a small bottle of antibacterial hand soap for the hotel room.
Also nifty to have: ibuprofen, extra film (yes, I’m old school), and of course just like my momma said, an extra pair of clean underwear.

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WOW. Not familiar with Dr Bronners? Get Thee To Whole Foods!

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ChicoBags are nylon grocery bags that fit into a little pouch so they are very light weight, but hold up to 20–25 lbs of stuff….they wash and dry easily as well..

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Vicks Vap-O-Rub and my iPhone. Oh… and my wife (in case she’s reading this).

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Superglue, watercolors, paintbrushes, two sketchbooks, my laptop, condoms, and chewing gum.

(not to mention my iphone, headphones, and whatever books I need at that moment to keep me learning something all the time.)

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@emilyrose & mcbealer- What’s the scoop behind Doctor Bronner’s company, “All-One-God-Faith, Inc.” anyway? Is he really a “Master chemist and Essene rabbi?”

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@AstroChuck-wondered the same; that would make for a good Fluther Question on the main page! Along with Colonel Sanders, Orville Reddenbacher, and other food icons (except Juan Valdez-he’s the man!)...hmm…

Plus, all his ramblings and propaganda on that label-Is he crazy?!

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Pen and small notepad, chewing gum, iPod, clean/deo wipes, paracetamol and immodium.
And camera, but that’s fairly standard I guess.

Also, always carry a set of clean undies, socks and top in my hand luggage (been rerouted/delayed often enough to learn my lesson)

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@marina, PnL- Yeah, noisy travelers suck. I also can’t sleep without total silence, which is hard enough to get at home, let alone in a hotel.

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@ AstroChuck ~ who knows? it is pretty weird…
nevertheless, there’s nothing like a shower after a scorching summer day with the peppermint Dr. B

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A couple of skateboards, a couple pairs of shoes, my iPhone, my iPod shuffle, chargers for both, my laptop, my backpack full of goodies, and my wife!

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@ sndfreQ- your wish is my command.

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Tylenol PM and a book.

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i don’t know about the whole dr bronners thing, and i do think its kinda weird, but it supposedly can be used to clean dishes, clothes, and even your teeth! my friend went on a backpacking trip and used it for EVERYTHING. if you can get over the weird religious stuff on the packaging you’ll be happy!

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@emilyrose- I brushed my teeth with peppermint dr. bronners for like a week beacuse I was too lazy to buy toothpaste. It’s kind of gross, but it works!

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im an eagle scout so BE PREPARED. in my backpack i got bug spray, sunscreen, knife, corkscrew, water, firestarter, matches, toothbrush and paste, skatemags, music, poncho, benadryl, ibuprofen, first aid kit, clean tee undies and socks, rolling papers, and then i analyze the trip and add to that.

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@bearfair, for falling asleep when there is noise and people around, have you ever tried placebo sleep track? it is meant for people practicing polyphasic sleep, but I use it for 30 min naps. You have to get used to the “white noise” the first 3–4 times, but after that, it kind of just lulls you to sleep!

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A piece of wood and my whittling knife.

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My iPod and my camera are necessities.

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My iPhone, Laptop, Digital Camera, A mound of beauty care products, A Book, & Half of my closet! Although now that airlines are charging per bag I suppose I will have to find some way to pare down. Lol! :-)

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camera, ibuprofen, a book about wherever I am going, a map, and cell phone/charger.

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A book of Sudoku and crossword puzzles and my electronic draw poker game for all the lulls during travel.

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@ wtf lol sorry I <3 sudoku!

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@PnL- I haven’t heard of that, but I went and looked at the link and it seemed really interesting. I wonder if I can get the mp3 with just the white noise and no chickens clucking or people yelling at me to wake up.

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haha i actually enjoy the chickens etc, just because it is really hard to wake me up…and that wakes me up. you can use software to cut the mp3 at a specific time, and also loop the white noise to play again and again (if you want this for a longer nap than 30 min). i use the mp mainly when i have to pull all nighters for exams, and so need to take short naps during study breaks.

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Aquis microfiber towel, my favorite tea, a book, mints, packable raingear, black leather flats look great with anything, mesh bag for laundry, sunscreen

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@kruger_d I love those towels too!

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