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What is the one thing you always forget when packing for a trip?

Asked by Les (9640points) August 21st, 2008

In about nine days I leave for the trip of a lifetime, and despite the amazing list I made, I always seem to forget something super important. Well, as I will be on the largest, coldest desert for two months, there is not a whole lot in the way of stores to pick up whatever it was I forgot. So what is something you always seem to forget to take with you when you travel?

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Baby Powder (and there’s nothing worse than being sticky)

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cell phone charger, a real pillow, shaving cream.

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Swim suit. I think “Eh, I don’t really feel like swimming”, and then there just happens to be a hot tub full of beautiful women…

That has honestly happened to me. Twice.

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You could just wear your birthday suit instead in that case….

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@wild; I know, I know… Self esteem gets in the way….

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Give your self esteem issues a vacation too when you go ;)

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Ooh, that’s what I always pack!

Liqueur; The self esteem fixer.

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Like charliecompany, I often forget my pillow. I used to have a problem with leaving my curling iron at my best friend’s house until I said, “Screw it!” left it there permanently and bought another one for home.

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goggles and my cell phone charger

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soap and sleepwear

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i always forget q-tips.

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I often forget aspirin or band aids, and I am always sorry.

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I always forget to leave my work PC at home. :-\

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shoes…...I always forget to bring another pair of shoes….I have ended up wearing converse to a few formal events, haha

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Saline for my contacts. I’ve forgotten to bring insulin…not a good thing.

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I have forgotten underwear. Underwear!

@ketoneus most pharmacies will give/sell you enough insulin to get thru your trip w/out calling your doctor, should that happen again

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My manners.

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@Snoopy: Thanks. It was easy enough to get a spare bottle when it happened. It just required a call to my insurance company to plead forgetfulness.

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@Snoopy – I’ve only forgotten undies once, but I was in a huge hurry to get where I was going and was throwing stuff into my bag as fast as I could.

As I think about it, the worst thing I ever forgot to pack was my birth control pill. Luckily, the doctor called it in to the pharmacy where I was. I wonder if it would have made a difference if I had been out of state?

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Swim suit and pajamas. Always annoying to be without

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Hey, thanks for all the responses. I am happy to say that most of those things are on my list. It is good to know I am not forgetting anything important. Especially underwear. That would suck to be without!

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contact lenses solution and case OR glasses.

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@jballou: Excuse me, but what are “pajamas?”

I’m too lazy to look it up in the online dictionary…

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@JackAdams Pajamas are comfortable clothes to sleep in….

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My gun and bullets.

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@jballou: Oh, ICK! Who in their right mind would wear CLOTHES to bed? Yuck!

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I don’t forget the same thing each time, but I always forget something. One time a toothbrush, pajamas multiple times, underwear a few times… never fails.

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i often forget to bring a belt.

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Medications. Not a good thing. Oh, and hair ties.

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A towel. I always end up buying one.

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Recharger for whatever my electronic du jour is…. addresses in said du jour… umm….birth control?

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Quarters….... if renting a car and touring the city spots for the metered parking.

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@JackAdams: Have you seriously never heard of Pajamas?

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Well, not for ADULTS…..

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I always forgot a cellphone charger until I finally just bought an extra and left it in my suitcase, along with a small flat iron.

So tell us about your trip – it sounds amazing!

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@baseball: I’m going to Antarctica for two months to take ozone measurements. The group I am a part of has been monitoring the ozone hole since it was discovered (pretty much). So we are continuing the 30+ years of data we have. It should be extremely fun and exciting. After I leave the ice, I am planning on spending a few days traveling to some places in New Zealand, as well. I haven’t been over seas in years, and I am a bit nervous. I want to make sure I am a good ambassador and all that jazz. But I think it will definitely be the trip of a lifetime.

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@Les OK….well here are some more to throw on your list to “be sure about”
passport, tickets, $$$, emergency contact numbers, something to read on the plane(s) what is that??? like a 20 hour flight or something??? Ick!!!

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@Les: I truly envy you.

Will you be at McMurdo Sound?

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snoopy: 3 hours or so from Denver to L.A., 12–13 or so from L. A. to Auckland, then to Christchurch (I have no clue the time on that one probably around 2 hours, probably less). Then five hours from Christchurch to McMurdo.

And yes, Jack, McMurdo it is. ;-)

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Lucky you!

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OMG – that sounds amazing! Travel safely and maybe you can send us an update or two on your travels. Or if you’re doing a blog, how about sending us the link?

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Lettuce know if you cell phone works down there!

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Sure. There’s not much on it yet though. I won’t have much to update until I get on down there. Antarctica

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Thanks! I can’t wait to see how your trip progresses. This has always been my dream as well.

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stop newspapers and mail – I always for get to do this!!

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Toothbrush and razor, face wash a lot lately

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How about that anti-bacterial gunk, or TUCKS, or some good pens, sunscreen, or even band aids?

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Entertainment for the long flight…....

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Preparing a written list (a few weeks in advance) and checking the items off as they are placed in the suitcase or car, helps to ensure that you don’t forget most things, because the only things you tend to forget, are the things you forgot to write down on the list.

August 23, 2008, 11:17 AM EDT

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yeah, i always forget the tickets…

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Moisturizer with sunscreen. I bought three bottles on three different trips this summer. I also frequently forget sunglasses if I’m not driving.

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Well, I took all of your tips, and tried to remember as much as I could. But let me give you one piece of advice: when traveling to Antarctica, you cannot possibly take too much body lotion. Also, anti-static would have been a wonderful thing to have here. ;-)

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Hmmm…..@Les Does Bath & Body Works ship to Antartica?

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so good to hear form you! how are you? how is antarctica?

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i love to wear sunglasses specially during summer but this thing I’ve always forgot to bring ever since. i really don’t why is that so…hmmmm, no comment

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