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Is there anything on the internet that you do your best to avoid because it's upsetting?

Asked by Jude (32144points) February 15th, 2012

I am talking about stuff that people post freely.

For me, it’s the animal cruelty thing. I see it on Facebook a lot and I know that people have good intentions when posting articles and images informing others of animal cruelty that exists in our world (be it PETA images and videos of animal abuse, where KFC and McDonald’s get their pork, beef and chicken; and images of dogs being mistreated in puppy mills), but I don’t want to see it.

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Certain people

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Bad images. I just can’t get them to leave my mind once I’ve seen them

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Pitch-corrected vocals.
Religious zealots.
Get rich quick schemes.
Bad spelling.

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Another thing: Have never been able to bring myself to watch “Two girls, one cup” or the trailer for “Human Centipede”!

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youtube comments

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I try to avoid pictures of animal abuse because it definitely gets into my mind and it’s upsetting. I have seen dogs crated and abused, skinned alive in China. Very upsetting and sad. I saw foxes and other wildlife caught in leg hold traps and they went nuts when the hunter drove up, approached and clubbed them to death. That’s hard to forget.

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@jca I couldn’t even read your post all of the way through.

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@Jude I had to stop, too

EDIT: @tom_g same here. I especially can’t stand the comments directed toward children

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Yes indeed, there are several issues that I go out of my way to avoid posting about, or responding to, for if I did I probably would be blacklisted by almost every blogging site out there. I’m not going to post what they are but yes, those few issues are out there for me, to avoid.

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Videos of real life violence. There are many videos and pics of gore and such, even videos of actual murders. Some teens were arrested awhile ago for mudering a lot of people, and they videotaped some of the murders that are online now.

I tried to watch one of the videos, but I stopped it before I saw anything. It was a video of some teens murdering a guy. By the description, he was already dead, and they knocked his skull in with a hammer, jammed a screwdriver into his eye sockets, and other horrible stuff to the already dead body. They also taped themselves killing animals as well.

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I could not watch the video of that young man who was beheaded in Iraq some years ago. I was in agony for the parents.

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Don’t much care for violence, conservatism or Republicanism, gun advocates, religious proselytization, and I’m not really fond of horribly technical stuff.

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I’m a veteran of some of the most horrifying corners of the internet. Nothing phases me anymore.

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I avoid, abuse, physical vioence, making fun of people (like the walmart photos, I think that is so mean).

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Religious sites – ones that declare that theirs is the one true way and leave no room for anyone to possibly think differently.

That is more offensive to me than killing pictures or child porn. Why? Because those two are both behaviors that can be stopped. Religious fundamentalism is irrational and cannot be unlaerned.

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I’ve pretty much seen it all. Now I’m just trying to keep my daughters from seeing it as well. They still think of the internet as a fun place to play games, watch videos, and chat with their friends.

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@Blackberry I saw that one (with the screwdriver). Unfortunately, like the meme says, what has been seen cannot be unseen.

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@GladysMensch Oh my, that’s so hilariously naive…..“a fun place to play games, watch videos, and chat with their friends.” Ha….....

@elbanditoroso I used to think it was fun to debate with those guys, but it’s starting to become a headache. Check out this little excerpt on employers providing coverage for birth control:

If this stands it will not be long before the govt. tries to control whether a church may forbid women to be pastors or leaders in congregations or to condemn homosexuality.

They have a powerful weapon in the tax code, because other government entities might very well, end any tax exempt status they enjoy, which would certainly make it harder for churches to survive. Don’t kid yourself, imperial govts. (and we are headed that way) do not like troublemakers.

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Kittens and combovers.

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Abuse, usually of the gender or child variety.

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@rebbel: How about kittens with combovers?

hate speak
conspiracy theorists
right wing ultra conservatives

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@cprevite They’re cute :-)

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I won’t watch anything or anybody being killed and I won’t watch or read anything about animal abuse. I just can’t.

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fake/enhanced/photoshopped pictures

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abuse of animals or people
war scenes

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Anything with cruelty to kids or animals…...breaks my heart!

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It depends on the context. If say it was news footage of an abattoir treating animals badly and it was broadcast in an attempt to inform people and to raise public awareness and to lobby for governments/authorities to act – I would watch.

If it was some idiot participating in some form of cruelty to animals or a person, I won’t watch. I don’t need that shit in my head. I also don’t watch footage of people laughing at others falling over etc. I don’t think it is funny to see people falling over in the ice and others laughing rather than helping. I don’t look at horrible photos of road accidents/accidents etc. It feels like I am being ghoulish and I don’t want to go there either.

I don’t avoid footage showing protests and official responses, war footage (think Egypt, Rodney King, Syria) and that type of thing though. Such things very often disturb me immensely but I feel I have a responsibility to be informed. It may be naive but I believe only by being informed can we be inspired to take action to avoid things like the holocaust, massacres in Rwanda etc. happening again. I don’t want or feel it is right to turn a blind eye to such atrocities.

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@Jude and @SpatzieLover: The video of the trapping and clubbing of the fox was on Fluther, and there was somebody on here (now, I forget who) who was actually defending the actions of the hunter. I found it deplorable and despicable, and I had and have a hard time understanding how you could see that video and not feel bad for the fox.

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Religious debates. Unless I get to share this website.

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I came upon certain images on the web and I had to click off quickly. Death by a 1000 Cuts in China. A form of torture/execution.

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I don’t really see any pictures/videos of abused children, so thankfully I don’t have to try to avoid them. I do see lots of pictures of abused animals and I remember them forever. I try to avoid them, but it doesn’t always work. The images are usually burned into my brain if I even see half of the picture. It tears me up.

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There are a lot of things out there that I don’t want to look at. I avoid them as much as I can.
There are things that you just can’t “unsee”.

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There’s nothing I really avoid, but I don’t go out of my way to check out videos and pics of people or animals getting tortured and fucked up.
I love violence and death in movies, but it sucks hard in real life.

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No real torture, murder or grisly accidents, please. It will haunt me way too much.

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