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Men: do you like TV shows that are basically prime time soap operas?

Asked by JLeslie (61470points) February 15th, 2012

In America some famous ones from the past were Dynasty and Dallas. One of the newer ones is Revenge.

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No. I have not watched prime time TV regularly since 5 years before they took MASH off the air.

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The last prime time I watched was the first season of Survivor. When Richard won. I was probably in the 8th or 7th grade.

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I used to watch Dallas, not much worth watching anymore. I do watch True Blood, but that is not really prime time.

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Not unless you count The X-Files.

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I have always considered men who were sports fans to be fans of soap operas.

I actually see sports and soap operas as exactly the same thing, marketed to a different gender, and I am a fan of neither.

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I would not count x-files. Nothing with some sort of cool sci-fi bent. Not even a CSI or show like Law and Order. I mean shows that are really just story lines about relationships and some scheming maybe. A little business might be thrown in.

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I generally don’t like or watch 99.9% of T.V. shows and I haven’t watched much of them at all since I was a kid. I watched a very little of “Dallas” one time and found it very boring. I never watched any “Dynasty”, “Seinfeld”, “Cheers”, etc. and I’ve never even heard of “Revenge”. On the other hand while on vacation last month my wife and I watched an episode of “Scrubs” (while I was trapped in our hotel room) which I thought was hilarious! I like that it didn’t have canned laughter and that it’s a striking parody of “Grey’s Anatomy” which absolutelyI can’t stand. “Scrubs” really made me laugh for sure! HA!

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No. I don’t like much TV at all to be honest. Except Top Gear and Doctor Who. I’ll also occasionally watch shows like NCIS and Criminal Minds. If a soap comes on I change channels or walk away.

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True Blood is pretty soap opera-ish, and my husband (and I) love it. There’s a lot of blood, violence and sex, plus vampires, shape shifters and such, though, so maybe it doesn’t count.

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Not at all. It’s rare for me to find any show I like, even shows on Discovery, History, and Science are freaking lame.

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I’d rather staple my testicles to a moving train than watch any of that shite.

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Yes, but not your examples. I used to love Brothers & Sisters and now I’m enjoying Parenthood. I’d call them “Family Dramas”, but theyre similar to soap operas with better writing and acting.

When I was younger I like Little House on the Prarie and The Waltons.

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@cprevite I vaguely remember you are Latin American, is that correct? I only ask because what prompted me to ask the question is my husband loves the show Revenge, and says it is his telenovela. Cracks me up. When I was in High school my boyfriend’s family was Ecuadorian and he used to laugh and say his uncles loved to watch the telenovelas, and that American men didn’t do that. I was not really thinking about any cultural possibilities until now.

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@JLeslie: Close, my wife is from Argentina – and my father in law watches telanovelas all the time (whenever he’s not watching soccer. Gooooooaaaaalllll

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@cprevite Hahaha, maybe you are South American by osmosis.

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@JLeslie: I feel that way sometimes. I’ve been in their family for twenty-four years now – its bound to rub off.

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I was never a big tv or movie watcher and it was even more rare for me to watch prime time tv. As far as soaps go I used to religiously watch the Young & The Restless from the late 80’s to the late 90’s. That was the only soap that ever interested me for some reason.

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I used to watch Malcom in the Middle, but haven’t really paid any regular attention to the TV since they took the Star Trek reruns off.

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