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What do you like about your face?

Asked by deni (22607points) February 16th, 2012

I got to thinking about this after I took a series of pictures of myself yesterday while trying on a pair of glasses. You can “borrow” them from the eye doctor and take them home to get second opinions, which is super awesome and important if you are a constant glasses wearer like myself, and also enjoy the yearly-or-so treat of getting new frames, and, in general, a glasses enthusiast. So, anyhow, I was taking pictures (to get opinions of facebook friends and my parents far away) just with my phone, because I haven’t had a camera for a couple months. So I hadn’t really looked at an up close picture of my face for a while….cause….why would I? lol. So. Anyhow. Here we are.

I decided that I like my lips, because they’re full but not obnoxious, just practical and perfect!

I also like that I have large eyes, and Egyptian-cool eyebrows. (You know what I’m sayin!!!)

I have also come to really adore the several moles on the left side of my face. I used to hate them. I’m glad I got over that.

So lets talk about what you like about your face now! Gloat people gloat!

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I like my smile. If it wasn’t so creepy, I would walk around with a permanent smile lol.

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@Blackberry LLOOLLL I think you should. I remember you had your avatar was like a picture of you on a beach? or something at some point. You do have a good smile.

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I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?’s right in your face, haha

I like my smile, I have a winsome and devilish little grin, and I look like a gnome with a gleam in my extroverted and always playful eye. :-)
A wood sprite I am, the blonde snow white of my mountain.
I also like that I really look my best with virtually no makeup.

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It is easily covered by beard.

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I like my eyes. The rest of my face is tolerable I guess, but I really like my eyes.

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My eyes and my smile. My nose is okay… bit small and turned up.

My face is too round. Shrugs… but it is what it is.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Hot mama!

@Bellatrix I too dislike my nose. Sigh.

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Yep, it is what it is..I have the bumpy nose, thanks to my long and infamous career of riding horse. The broken bumpy nose is the result of having a horse slam his head into my face when I was 12. Oww..but, no plastic surgery for me, I believe in natural. ;-)

@WillWorkForChocolate You be a little darlin’, cute as a button you are. :-D

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I have one.

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@deni Yeah, I took that down because I felt it was a little much lol.

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@Blackberry Youre funny.

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@Blackberry Is a very handsome feller :-)

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Actually, if I cut my hair short I have a striking resemblance to Squeaky Fromme, the infamous Manson cult murderess that attempted to assasininate Gerald Ford in Sacramento in 1975. lololol

Yeah, she was paroled in 2009…hopefully she’ll behave and I won’t ever be mistaken for her. haha

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Thanks guys, my confidence seems to go up whenever I’m on Fluther. ; )

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Eyes, nose and lips.

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@Blackberry Oh you smooth black men.

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My eyes, Big round and dark with a bit of a slant and long lashes,
My eyebrows, nicely arched and shaped well (although thats from tweezing them)
My nose is ok, Just cute, but fits my face well.
My lips. Not to big and not too small and shaped well.
Cheek bones are nice too.
What I don’t like is my skin easily gets sun blotches and I wish my face was a little less round.
But I like the cards I got dealt.

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My daughter and I were just talking about this yesterday. My cheekbones. Even though my face is a lot plumper than it used to be, I still have awesome cheekbones.

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I look great from 5 feet away from the mirror!

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it’s my smile…....

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@jazmina88 Yes, nice smile, you have a healthy looking tongue and cute eyebrows. lol

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My face is extremely expressive and I can make people laugh—I like that. If I had to pick one feature, it’d be my eyes and high eyebrow arches.

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The angelic sweetness it emits.

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That it’s not on fire.

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@deni: “What do you like about your face?”

The fact that I don’t have to see it.

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I adore my left nostril & right eyebrow, gorgeous.

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I like my lips because, like yours, they are full but not freaky! Although, the boys at school nicknamed me blowjob lips even though, at the time, I had never given a blow job!!! I also like that I have a mole on my lip (not on the skin around, Cindy Crawford style, but actually on.)

I like that my eyes are really dark.

A lady once told me that my eyebrows were amazing but I guess that is all about the plucking techniques and not down to nature!

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Never really thought about it. It makes my nephew laugh when we play peek a boo, so I guess it’s good for something.

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Now here’s a beak you can’t resist! Just look at that cute orange knob. lol
My darling gander “Marwyn”, the worlds orangiest face.

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@Leanne1986 Yeah, my eyebrows are nothing without some plucking. And when I say “nothing” I mean out of control. But I hardly even remember. I’ve been plucking them to the shape they are today for 10 years. I tried to grow them back once, just to see….phhhhh. Fat chance.

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My eyes are a nice color. And oddly, the color is a better one if I’ve been crying.

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I think it’s beautiful overall. Each individual feature is rather beautiful, and they add up to a beautiful overall effect.

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