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Does anyone know of any lesser known horror movies?

Asked by AshlynM (10684points) February 16th, 2012

I mean movies that are not as well known. Pretty much everyone knows Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street. And I don’t mean movies like Saw or Final Destination.

I’m a huge horror movie fan and I could be missing out on some real gems. I know I can just Google it, but I’d like to hear from actual people.

It doesn’t matter if I’ve seen them or not…just start naming some. I don’t mean remakes either. I’d like the original movie.

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Any particular type of horror you’re interested in? Are we talking serious violence and gore, the more suspenseful sort, the old stuff that’s probably not frightening by today’s standards or all of the above?

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Anything by Joe D’amato is pretty obscure to the masses.

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@fundevogel I prefer the violent and gorey type, but I’m looking for ANYTHING right now.

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Session 9

Not violent and gory, but an excellent film.

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Personally, I adore Planet Terror but I’m not sure how obscure it is.

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I don’t know how well known Hellraiser 2, Nightbreed, or Lord of Illusions* are, but I like them.

*I love it when Nix says, “I was BORN to murder the WORLD.”

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@Michael_Huntington No Ben, I’ll buy moooore!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

It isn’t violent, but you should check out Cookers. It’s a good ghost story, and really freaky. Seriously.

For gore and violence, maybe Blood Sucking Freaks. It’s mental man, I tell ya. Special effects a bit on the bad site, but it’s quite disturbing. Bad Taste is another classic gory horror title. Cannibal Holocaust seems to disturb many, and understandably. Watch at your own risk. One of my fave super gore movies is a French one called À l’intérieur. ’‘Inside’’. If you like gore, it’s poetry for the eyes. Martyrs and Frontiers are two other extremely gory French horror flicks, and they all have English translations, too.
You could also check out Philosophy of the Knife, which I believe damn well fits your current preferred credentials. :)

I also second Basket Case, Session 9 and Planet Terror.

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@Symbeline YES, I forgot about that one!
You should definitely watch “The Stuff”.

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Dale and Tucker versus Evil.

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@The Stuff Yeah. It’s not particularly violent, gory or obscure…but if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth all the laughs in the world lmao!

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Also, Europe and East Asia are probably the best regions that produce good horror movies, both in the past and in the present.

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@Michael_Huntington Aye. I love American entertainment, but Europe and East Asia are certainly within a league of their own…

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More of a thriller but “Misery” is a great one. Kathy Bates plays the best psycho lady ever.

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I remember seeing one called Terror Train which, at the time, was very scary.

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@Coloma Misery is fuckin great. And I love that the movie is completely faithful to the novel, besides a few minor things that don’t really matter. You should check out the book, it’s really edge of the seat material, even if you already saw the movie.

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Misery, It, The Shining, The Hills Have Eyes!, An American Crime, Monster, (okay I kind of went/drama/horrorish

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There are some B movies. Dr Butcher, MD

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are you into spectacles? The Anti Christ was awesome, beautiful + haunting. The Human Centipede was an instant cult classic in my book.

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British film Severance, mix of comedy as well as horror.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, The Car, The Baby just to mention a few of the rare ones from the 1970’s. Sometimes I use the car from the movie with James Brolin in it for my avatar on here.

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@auhsojsa The Anti Christ is something special indeed. It’s only really violent near the end, but the whole movie is worth what it is.

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Thanks everyone!

For those wanting to know, here are some horror movies I have seen and enjoyed:

The Midnight Meat Train
The Meat Grinder
3 Extremes
Idle Hands
Dr. Giggles
Room 6
Mum and Dad

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An all time favorite for me is The Wicker Man [there is also a new release but this one is great].

Roman Polanski’s Repulsion qualifies as a horror movie

All the classics by Val Lewton
Cat People
I Walked with a Zombie
The Leopard Man
The Body Snatcher

A little Stephen King
Children of the Corn
Needful Things

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Audition (just watch it… now)
Ichi the Killer (ditto)
Dead Alive (awesome, funny, insanely gory, early Peter Jackson direction)
The Machine Girl (over-the-top fun and gore)
Dead Snow (supercharged Nazi corpses, need I say more)
Cannibal Holocaust (extreme gore)
Susperia (bizarre horror)
Bloodsucking Freaks (gore and S&M)

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The Others. Excellent movie on ghosts.

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@AshlynM Idle Hands rules. I love the big Clockwork Orange eye wink in it.

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Of course you know the 1930s classic Freaks
“One of us…one of us… one of us…”

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Freaks is a terrific suggestion, and I am sorry I forgot to mention it!

We accept her, we accept her, goobledy gobblity, one of us!

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Oh! ” Dead and Breakfast”.
From the 90’s I think…hilarious!

And “Otis”. :-D

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I’m a big horror fan as well. Some of my favorites are the old black and white movies. I know they can be cheesy but I love them!!
Bucket of Blood
The Screaming Skull
Night of the Triffids
The list goes on and on…...
I found a great website for older movies A lady I ride the bus with told me about this..she’s a big fan too…

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@JustCallMeMom You rule. Old black and white horror is definitely great. Night of the Living Dead is a ritual for me, but I gotta make a note to check out those others you listed.

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I kinda want to mention The Abomidable Dr. Phibes and its sequel Dr. Phibes Rises Again. They aren’t good by any stretch of the imagination, but they do deliver a pretty steady stream of wtf? The neon-nuveau Egyptian Lair™ is to die for.

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I like “Werewolf Woman”, a 1972 Italian movie. Some Japanese movies of that type are good too, e.g. “Audition”, “Hell Driver”, “Death Note”, 1 & 2, and “Machine Girl”. I also like the “Chinese Ghost Story” series of 3 films.

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