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Is it ok for guys to wear tight pants?

Asked by pumahawk (42points) May 22nd, 2008

i am currently playing lots of music, live and whatnot. and i’ve always felt a lil’ more comfortable wearing tight pairs of jeans, both “slim fit for guys” or just plain and simple, chick pants. is this really all that homosexual or what? i need a for sure answer.

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hey, if they’re comfortable – who cares? as long as you’re not androgynous. that stuff is weird. well, thats what i think. =]

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It totally depends on the person and their physique! I think a designer straight leg pant, that’s slightly tight, and hugs a guys butt, is super sexy.

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It’s all about personal style. If that’s your thing and the rest if your look works with it, you’ll be fine. Personally I’m not a fan of jeans that are tight all the way down the legs – both for guys and girls, but again, if it works with your style….besides, if the music’s good, you could be wearing a bin-liner and still be hot :)

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Two words for you. This guy was considered smoldering hot and sexy in his day by women. He made his image on his tight jeans.

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Tight pants are allowed to show your gender, but not your religion.

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Marina: Mmmm.. James Dean. <333

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when i play i play baggy, yes, the one on the left, tight shirts though

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its not homo just make sue you get some that fit in the waist and you don’t gave a muffin top

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everyone has a different sense of fashion, no one can tell you what they think is okay on you. that said, wearing tight pants does not indicate homosexuality at all. so if that’s what you life, that’s what you should wear :)

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It worked pretty well for this dude. Plus you can exhibit some of the jewels, much like on the cover of the Sticky Fingers album, even though that dude may arguably have a semi.

iceskate has a good point, no muffin-topping. Leave that to experienced pastry chefs.

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I like guys that wear their jeans a bit baggy. Not sagging to their ankles, but just a bit loose. This might sound weird and my friends make fun of me for thinking this is attractive, but I think it’s kind of sexy when a guy pulls his pants up then wiggles them back down. Woah..

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It’s definitely okay. A few years ago it was a very popular thing to do and guys definitely still do it but it’s not the new ‘it’ thing. I know plenty of guys who do.

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i agree with a lot of others here, it really depends on your figure, I know I can wear tight jeans, but others look absolutely horrible with tight jeans; now I’m not talking about tight as in girl tight you have to jump up and down and and possibly risk becoming gelded, but tighter around the knees, and typically for me they are loose at the bottoms, ei: boot cuts

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I wear tight jean because like you, pumahawk, I find them comfortable and it seems girls dig them. Plus ya know who the old school tight jean wearers were? Cowboys! The most awesome historical figures. They rode horses, shot guns and were just really bad ass.

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i pretty much rock regular dickies nowadays. i remember in high school listening to korn and wearing pants that looked like hefty garbage bags. its weird how in skateboarding there is always fads. in the mid and late nineties everyone that skated had big pants. now you cant buy nothing but slim fit pants in the skateshops. i personally think super tight pants look silly just like super big pants look silly too. all the kids at the skatepark look like there nuts are choking. have you ever seen pro skater Corey Duffel? he wears girls stretch jeans.tight pants blow out in the crotch a lot. i do think cowboys look sweet though in there tight wranglers. trends are what they are. plaid golfer pants are on there way in next. tight pants are good for rocking a sidepipe. thats when there so tight everyone can see your junk.

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@buster; Corey Duffel! I used to be in LOVE with him back in my high school days. Tight pants are great, wear what you feel comfortable in. And homosexual?? What do you mean by saying is it homosexual? It really angers me when people say stuff like that… Well, a friend of mine was wearing tight pants and we were at the mall. This guy looked at my friend and pointed and laughed at him and called him “gay”. So what if he is? How is it funny? Sigh. I’m rambling now. My point is, if you’re comfortabl in tight pants- by all means, wear tight pants!

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There are three conditions that make tight jeans on men acceptable: performing in a rock band, getting decked out in western garb, and being young and boyish enough that you haven’t outgrown your pretty.

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@ kevbo: and being a hipster

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Yes, hipsters wear tight jeans, but I think the jury’s still out on whether being a hipster is acceptable. I thought I was being generous with younger boys, because the phase can be outgrown.

Now that you mention it, I guess hipster is the new Euro, huh?

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On-stage? Yes. Walking around the world? Not so much.

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No, you don’t really wanna know which side it is on every day.

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I think sweatpants are the new ‘tightpants.’ Mark my words.

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i guess if your comfortable but i think too too tight is a little ugly well i mean it is. I never got used to seeing guys with tight pants. If your talking fashion then not all guys could wear them it just depends. But if its for comfort then sure why not.

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whoever you are. call me right now. hahah no but guys who wear tight pants can be real sexy if they have a nice ass. .....but yeah there is none in my town it sucks. so yeahhhhh…..hahahah 765 0272

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Is that for real? Seriously!? =\

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I know allie, isn’t that…odd?

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