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Windows 7 install error 0x80070017 - How to fix?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) February 19th, 2012

I am trying to install the Windows 7 Enterprise Trial for x64. I downloaded the ISO file from and burned image to DVD. First DVD I burned, it got to the “Expanding Windows File….0%” and stayed there for a long time before the “Windows cannot install required files. Files may be corrupt or missing…” Error Code 0×80070017 came up. Searched around the net and found out that maybe my write speed was too high or ISO was corrupt. Downloaded new ISO file, and burned a second disc at slowest write speed. Testing this new disc, I did not get the error and it installed fine. I wiped it and replaced with Ubuntu 11.04 LTS. Now I want to get Windows 7 back installed and I am getting the same Error Code. I doubt it is a hardware, DVD, or ISO issue since it worked before….so what on earth could be the problem? I have been looking for an answer for hours and cannot find anything. Please help!

Oh, I reformatted the whole HD and tried partitioning in different sizes and still no difference…

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0×80070017 is the code for windows being unable too find the files it needs because they are missing or corrupted. So it probably means the windows 7 DVD is damaged. If its the same DVD as you used before and worked fine then it may be that disc has been scratched in the mean time.

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There aren’t any more scratches on the Windows disk than the Ubuntu or other one I have here…. I don’t think I have anything installed on my PC right now since I reformatted the HD to NTFS… Yet for some reason, sometimes when I put in the Ubuntu 11.04 LTS install disk, and sometimes when I put in the Windows 7 Enterprise install disk, I get this error:

error: unknown file system
grub rescue> _

Now, I believe this errror is specific to Ubuntu….or at least specific to Linux. Maybe I don’t get the error when I put Windows 7 disk in and boot, maybe it only comes up if I switch from Ubuntu disk to Windows 7 without manually restarting (holding down the power button).

I read the grub error can arise from reformatting or messing with HD partitions… maybe there is a specific way to partition the HD while in Ubuntu so that I don’t get the error when trying to install Windows?

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Lower the burn speed of the dvd to minimum, and verify data, I like to use imgburn

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@XOIIO I think he already did that, created the disc and sucessfully used it once but then the next time he used it it failed.

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Formatting a disk will not usually erase the Master Boot Record and grub is normally installed in the MBR. When grub throws an error like that it usually means that it’s still installed from the time you last re-partitioned and formatted the drive. Since it can’t find what used to be there and can’t boot you get that error. If you’re trying to boot from the CD and still get the grub error then the CD/DVD is not getting read and it’s going to the hard drive to boot. Or, if you know that it is booting from the CD/DVD then there’s a problem; either with the disc or your CD- or DVD-ROM.

Windows errors are funny. With NT 3.51 through XP you could get that error if Windows couldn’t write to the hard drive or it was trying to read an install file copied to the hard drive that is now corrupted. I’m assuming they haven’t changed the error message for Vista and 7 so you may want to check your drive for bad sectors.

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