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What is a good comparsion in terms of size to this island?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1808points) February 19th, 2012

I’m doing some research on this island,Lampedusa, which has an area of 20.2 square kilometres (7.8 sq mi). However our instructor told us to compare it to other places/lands to show the size,but I’m drawing blanks on this one….

Anyone mind throwing me good ideas?

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How big is the town/city you live in? How big is the campus you’re on? Maybe the size of Lampedusa is only 8x the size of your entire campus (or something).

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That’s 2.81 miles per side…pace it out in your nearest park.

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I just found three similar-sized islands in the Caribbean. It took about 60 seconds.

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Well the thing is that it needs to be something that people can easily idenifty with so I’m worried if I say my own park or a random island in the carribean he will most likely turn to me and say I don’t know anything about that eitheir.

Usaully I have a whole country which is easy as I would compare it to say a state or the like, which most people can relate to quickly.

EDIT: I am not on a campus though, this is not for college. He is just picky. Haha. Although it is still a report being graded none the less.

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What people?

Use @Aethelflaed‘s concept of a portion of your campus.

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Washington DC has an area of 68.3 sq mi, too large
Vatican City has an area of 0.17 sq mi, too small.
Monaco has an area of 0.76 sq mi, too small.
The Chunnel is 31.4 mi long.
The Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 mi long.

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Manhattan: 22.7 square miles.

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Six Central Parks.

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