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How can I recover data from my deleted Facebook account?

Asked by raven860 (2163points) February 20th, 2012

I had permanently deleted the account. I want to know what steps need to be taken to get Facebook to send all data they have on me.

I live in the U.S & I am not a citizen.

I know I had asked this question a few months and I just want to see if I can get any more ideas.

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Download your information

This does require that your facebook account be active, though. They do maintain your data for at least 30 days, so if it hasn’t been that long since you deleted your account you can possibly reactivate it and still have a chance at grabbing your data, if it’s too late, then you’re SOL.

Don’t expect anything interesting that you don’t already know though. They only send you things related to you and your friends, like all your posts, all pictures of you/about you, friends list, and contact info for them. You’re not going to get things like usage/marketing data on you or other statistical data on you.

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I thought it was impossible to permanently delete a Facebook account. Have you tried just reactivating it?

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@dappled_leaves There is a way. Although I think Facebook still keeps all your data. IT IS NEVER DELETED. But I need to double check on that lol ( I read it a long time ago).

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