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Where should I have my wedding (NJ)?

Asked by joefratt (42points) February 21st, 2012 from iPhone

Where should I have my wedding? I’m in Monmouth County, NJ and am looking for an affordable site for a 75 person reception. Water view of some sort would be nice, but depends on price. Help!

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Try the Watermark in Asbury Park for a bar/informal small wedding venue, Merri-Makers at the Water’s Edge in Sea Bright, or the Molly Pitcher Inn on the Navesink in Red Bank for good food and a great view All lovely locales. The Ocean Place Hotel in Long Branch also does receptions right on the beach.

Allaire State Park has a beautiful small church that would be wonderful if you want a small church wedding.

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If you don’t mind a short drive, go to the Delaware Water Gap. About an hour away. But right on the river and its gorgeous. There is a covered picnic area there which you could possibly rent.

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(Several specific sites for a wedding in Monmouth County given and no GA? Zheesh!)

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