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I cannot send text messages, what is wrong with my phone?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6632points) February 22nd, 2012

Today morning I could text and all, there was no trouble but then all of a sudden it stopped working. I received a text and when it was time to reply back, it takes a really long time to send and after some seconds it ends with ’ sending message failed’ I have switched off the phone, taken out the sim card and battery. Put them back together but still it didn’t work. I also deleted all the msgs in my ‘sentbox’


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Do you have Verizon? It’s being reported that Verizon customers in certain areas have been reporting service outages throughout the day.

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@tom_g Oh sorry forgot to mention, I have a samsung phone… and I live in Iceland so.

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I received this message from Verizon today:

An unplanned outage has occurred for a component of the Verizon wireless network. Currently, Verizon is experiencing an outage of all data. This is a sporadic outage across the US, which unfortunately at this time, does not have an ETA on resolution.

This will affect all data services such as email and web browsing on Verizon Wireless mobile devices, including Blackberry and iPhone devices.

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I hate saying this because it happened to me so maybe it could be the problem you are facing. I hate saying it because it made me feel foolish. On my text box on my IPhone, they added (or I never noticed before) a subject line. If you only print in the subject line it won’t send the message off. You have to make sure you print what you want in the box below. For about 2 weeks I couldn’t understand why my messages would sometimes go through and other times not. I had a habit of tapping on the screen in the big section but I would apparently hit the subject line sometimes thinking this was the beginning of the box. Its slightly faded so I didn’t notice. It wasn’t till I put on my glasses that I noticed it was seperate.

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