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How do you block your phone # in a text message ?

Asked by dutchbrossis (1384points) March 7th, 2010

I need to block my # when I text message this one person but I am not sure how to make sure my # doesn’t show up on his phone but that he is able to reply still ? Is there a way to block my phone # in a text message from my cellphone ?

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I think if you are that worried about him getting your phone #, don’t text him.

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@chyna Long story. I need to text him but just don’t want my # out. lol GA tho

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Text from the Internet.

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don’t put your real name and number in the fields. He wont be able to text you back though.
worth a try. I was going to suggest anontext but it is down.

This looks better

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thank you everyone.

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