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What is your reaction when you get hurt?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36037points) February 23rd, 2012

Do you lash out? Scream? Yell? Or do you suck it up and stay still and quiet and breath “Woooo Sawww” till the pain subsides and then drive yourself to the hospital if you need to and if you physically can?

I stay still and quiet and breath. I would hate the attention. I really would.

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Depends how I got hurt. I dont scream when in pain but I’ll usually bite out a couple choice words, especially if I got hurt due to my own inattention or something that that which is the case nine times out of ten. I do generally after that initial reaction just try and suck up the pain and deal with it.

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Well, if I’m by myself I’ll yell out some choice words, but not if anyone else is around, unless it’s something minor that can be laughed right off, like a stubbed toe.

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usually when i do something extraordinarily stupid, or painful, my instinct is to angrily shout “oh fuck me”’s vulgar which is unfortunate, because it’s almost subconscious and i can’t control it lol

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I don’t have much feeling in my legs so down there I may not react at all. Torso pain may get some wincing and groans. Hands and arms are hisses and ouches. Head hurts get moans and hisses and ouches. Genitals, however groans of agony and various expletives.

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Ow, or Ah. Then I rub the area for a sec and it’s ok.

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I usually drop the F-bomb.

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Miy reaction is the same as @deni.‘s Loud, vulgar and reactionary. Usually when I hurt myself, I do a bang up job ;) Then I rub the heck out of the owwie, and go about business as usual.

If my son is around, I try not to swear…just rub or run for a band-aid quick.

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OK. Here’s the scenario. I teach in my own classroom at the jail. All the doors in the jail are solid steel, about 1000 pounds. We (the guards and I) want the door shut to close out the sounds of the booking station, but we don’t want it to latch, because the guards have to get the key to the box that holds the key to the box that holds the keys to the door. Left on it’s own, the very weight of the door will shut it, so we have to guide it slowly, right up to the latch until it’s stopped and let it go. I had a classroom full of students, each concentrating on his own computer with their backs to me. I stepped out to get some water. I came back in, and was slowly letting the door close, except I had my arm reached out behind me and I wasn’t watching. Well, a thousand pounds doesn’t have to be moving fast at all to bust the living shit out of your thumb when it gets caught between the door and the jam…it just has to lean on it a little! The door caught me right on the cuticle. The cuticle was bleeding, my nail was turning blue, and the underside of my thumb is bruising up pretty bad. It’s throbbing. (This happened about 4 hours ago.) Well, I didn’t want to bust up the classroom by screaming or cussing (teacher don’t cuss!) so I just sagged into my chair and said…“Whooo Sawwww” for a minute, and focused on not fainting or getting sick (odd how some physical pain can make you nauseous) until I had everything under control.

As my students were leaving I showed them my thumb. The couldn’t believe they were right there when it happened!

So…in THAT kind of situation, what would you have done? Basically, can you keep it together if you’re in a situation where you really CAN’T cuss and yell, even as a knee jerk reaction?

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I don’t usually hurt much. A cut in the kitchen and I run for a band-aid, I get black and blue marks all the time and have no idea where they come fro. If I hit my crazy bone, it’s more like ow-oo-ow-oo and rubbing it a lot. The most pain I ever felt was a cortisone shot right into my wrist. It burned and burned. The doctor just stood there and waited for me to stop holding my breath and to breathe normally. That hurt like hell. I guess I have to take back my first statement.

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I generally just blink in confusion, and then take a deep breath to get my mind off of it or just laugh at my clumsiness, unless it’s really bad, then I’ll call for help.

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“Son of MY MOM!”
Sometimes I laugh.

Last time I got really hurt, I laughed, because I didn’t realize I was actually hurt. It was numb. Haha. Then about ten minutes later I saw blood soaking through the shin of my pants. :-/ I have a pretty sweet scar from that day.

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It really does depend on the injury.
If it’s something quite trivial then I probably will swear and say ouch really loudly and rub that area. Not a big fan of a fuss being made.
If it’s a big injury (like breaking my ankle) I just bite my lip and breathe really slowly to try and control my pain. It’s funny, because I don;t swear then. And I have never ever cried from physical pain.

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If its my shin or ankle or funny bone or collar bone or toes, I usually swear like a sailor with Tourettes. But it has to really, really hurt.
A mild tap on any of these areas will usually result in me grabbing the spot and appling pressure and breathing a bit heavier but that is all.

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@MilkyWay I don’t think I have either….

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@MilkyWay, and @Dutchess_III, I think most people stop crying from physical pain once they’re about ten.
It doesn’t make me cry. O.o

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I know a lot of adults and classmates who cry when they stub their toe or take a fall in P.E… I actually have witnessed them sobbing with tears coming down their faces.
I guess some people never grow out of their ‘ten year old’ pain threshold.

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I have very little experience with sudden injury. I can’t recall any time I’ve been hurt badly enough to get much of an instantaneous reaction. I can only tell you how I react to long and drawn out pain. I withdraw into myself and get very antisocial.

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Depends. Sometimes I yell all sorts of interesting expletives, and other times I just hold my breath and them exhale.

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Depends what kind of injury. For minor injuries, I take that split second the pain takes to come in order to ready myself for it. I may cuss if it really hurts. Usually though, my reaction is to treat it and that’s all that’s on my mind, if it’s a cut or something. I’ll asses the situation by seeing how much blood comes out and how fast, how large the wound is, or how deep if I can tell, and rush for the nearest place where I can take care of it myself. I’m pretty level headed and good at keeping my cool when hurting myself, whether it’s minor or alarming. People usually won’t notice, unless I let out a swear or piss blood from my eyes or something.
What gets to me is something I don’t directly know what to do about, like sudden heart or gut pains.
Well, I was bit by a zombie once I’ve never really gotten any serious injuries anyways, so if I did suffer something hardcore, I probably wouldn’t be as cool headed as I usually am. But my point is, when I get hurt, it’s either a) can I shrug it off or b) does it need serious and immediate attention.

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I curse like a sailor when I get hurt.

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“Am I gonna die?! Am I gonna die?!”

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I emit a variety of nouns and adjectives not fit for a grammar lesson!

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I react in a scarily similar way to that.

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I swear alot. Like I already swear alot in general but when I get hurt basically almost every word is cussing. There may be a few “ow”‘s in there.

If its something more serious. There’s some swearing. Then a moment of WTF just happened, how badly am I hurt. Moment of shock/adrenaline pumping. Then more WTF-ing. Depending on the injury it may including taking care of the injury as quickly as possible or just trying to calm down and figure out what to do so it doesn’t hurt so bad.

For example, once I sewed through my finger. That was awful. It happened really fast and then I was looking down at my finger and there was this “whoa, huh, shit, that just happened, I didn’t think that could happen, I always thought there was no way my finger could ever slip under the needle, there’s definitely a broken needle sticking out of my finger on both sides. FUCK” Then LOTS of swearing but reasonably calm. Got my brother in the next room. He started freaking out (he’s really great at dramatic outbursts). We run down to the basement to show my dad. Dad takes a look and goes to get some pliers and I’m freaking out a bit now. Pulls the needle out and then the pain really hit me and I started bleeding everywhere and I was crying. And my dad insisted on going to the ER and I was arguing with him about not having insurance, but he made me go anyways. I started getting really REALLY irrationally paranoid about metal bits being stuck in my finger. They did basically nothing but look at it and wash it and put a bandaid on it. Plus a Xray to check for metal. $600+ dollars later… lol. And then I couldn’t sew much for a few weeks (kinda bad when you sew for a living. lol.) I also got really touchy for a while with my machine, any unusual sound or needle jam or loud noise or if my finger grazed any of the parts around the needle I would fling my hands off everything and just stop.

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Depending on the injury and where I am when it happens, I either mutter or yell, and it usually involves saying, “Son of a biscuit eater!” Or “Fuck!” If I’m in public, I try to be more quiet about it. If I’m at home, and it’s something that hurts really, really bad… all bets are off.

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Um well most of the time I pick a fight with my sister it helps the pain go away XD

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And I swear at her she here a lot of the ultimate f- bombs in her face

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Shouldn’t do that to your sister or anyone, for that matter @Jkool1802.

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Sorry it is just what I do and who are you to judge me @Dutchess_III

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She’s a mother of siblings who knows what she’s talking about. Don’t get your knickers in a twist!

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LOL!! Tis true! (But did you mean ‘knickers in a twit” @WillWorkForChocolate? :) Yep, a mother of 3 grown children. A mother who would have come unglued if her kids had used the F-word to each other or around me. In fact, my daughter did it once. Once is the operative word here. Momma came unglued. Daughter never did it again.
It’s offensive and makes the speaker look ill bred, base and unimaginative.

SO! Next time you use that word go wash your mouth out with soap and go to your room and read some poetry. No computer, no TV no video games. Only poetry.

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