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Who in your family lived the longest? How old were/are they?

Asked by Esedess (3439points) February 23rd, 2012

And did they give you any secrets to life?

Mine: My great grandma, 102.

Came from Mexico on horseback. Had her license until she was 99. Lived on her own until a week before her death. Been in America 4X longer than I’d been alive, and still had the thickest accent ever.
She once told me the secret to living long is to “eat chilli”.
I’ve got a lot of ulcers now, but I think it’s working. ha~

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My great grandmother lived to 97 or 98. I got to meet her as an adult, which was weird. She was quite frail and racist.

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I have several that topped 100 and many in their lter 90’s. Currently the record in my family goes back to my great great grandma who was 105. She was neighbor and grew up with the Mayo Brothers. Maybe some of that rubbed off.

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Many in their late 80’s and 90’s, a couple of great grandma’s over 100. The main secret that got passed down to me is stay happy and don’t eat too much.

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My grandfather is 96 and alive and kicking!

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On my mother’s side, none in the last couple of generations have seen 65, and only a couple have seen 60. Between strokes, heart attacks, cancer, and one suicide, all have died fairly young.

I don’t know much about my father’s side since I have not heard from them for most of my life, but a couple of previously unknown cousins tracked me down to let me know my father was dying; he passed away last week at the age of 66.

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My grandmother died 2 years ago at age 98. Up until she was 95 she was very healthy.

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I had a great great grandmother that lived until she was 107. She smoked and drank alcohol every day. Russian strong!

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103. My Gramma. People in my family choose to die when they have put up with a certain amount of annoyance.

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My Mom died last month at 92.

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My great grandma lived til 98. She was born a 2lb. preemie in an Indiana farmhouse in 1885 and they wrapped her in cotton batting and put her in a cigar box for a cradle!
She was an amazing woman, traveled the world, walked several miles a day well into her early nineties, mowed her yard with an old fashioned push mower til she was 90 something and was once mugged by a couple of kids that tried to nab her purse and she drove them off with her cane! lol

She had to move to an assisted living community when she was about 95 and died of gradual kidney failure. She was the best grandma ma ever, and I have wonderful memories of all the old fashioned grandma stuff like baking cookies and listening to her stories of when she was a little girl, riding double to school with her best friend on a horse and being a teacher in a one room school house in the early 1900’s. :-)

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@jerv Damn dude… Sorry to hear it… Not to pry, but how’s that working emotionally for you?

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My great grandmother is alive right now, and just turned about 95. She doesn’t tell me any secrets because she mostly talks to herself and her husband (who’se been dead for a few years). Don’t get me wrong, she’s completely with it, completely aware of us and her environment. I think she just likes it that way, LOL

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@mrrich724 Haha…I can relate, I mostly like talking to myself best too. lol

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My paternal grandmother made it until 94. She danced, drank, and swore right until the end. She was the greatest.

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Late 80s and then she stubbed her toe and it became gangrenous. I wonder how long she would have gone if she hadn’t had that little accident? She was in perfectly good health before that.

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Of the ones I know of, dad holds the record at 99. Both grandma and mom died at 86. I’m out to extend the family winning streak. :-)

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My maternal grandmother dies this month at the age of 104 years, 3 months. Until her last 6 months her memories were intact and she could converse in several languages. I’ll remember her the rest of my life with respect and love.

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My grandmother on my mother’s side lived until she was 90.

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My grandma on my dad’s side is 80, and still going. She’s probably healthier than I am.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought: That sounds like my great-grandmother. When she was 99, she went into a coma. At some point, she woke up, pulled out her own feeding tube, and then went back into a coma. No one’s been able to explain why since she was supposedly unable to wake up. This just proves that people in my family are fucking weird. Medically speaking, anyway.

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My paternal great grandmother lived until she was 96. All my other grandparents died fairly young. My maternal grandfather died when he was 18 and my maternal grandmother followed him to the grave when she was 38.

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@Esedess You get used to it. The first three deaths happened within 18 months back in ‘94–95, and the other five have all happened within the last three years. And despite not seeing him or talking with him since I was 4, I at least managed to have one phone call with my dad before he passed, so at least I had some sense of closure there.
However, my youngest cousins (13 and 18) are a different matter. Her mother passed away suddenly in the night and the older of them was the one that discovered her dead in bed. Flash forward about a year, she comes home from school and finds her father hanging in the closet. She is in therapy now :(
It does make me think about my own mortality, but we all die eventually, so I may as well enjoy life while I can.

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I don’t know but I plan to live to close to 100 years.

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Great grandmother lived to be 92, but her mind was totally gone.

Another great grandmother died at 85.

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I have a great Grandmother who turned 100 in August 2011. She’s still up on her feet (although uses a walking frame when she goes out) and her mind is still fairly sharp. I think she would put it down to years of manual labour in the fresh air (she was a farmer).

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She’s probably correct. Part of living long is keeping your organs young by fairly regular exercise. That’s how the human race existed for millenia.

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