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Can you recommend a website for doodling?

Asked by Trustinglife (6638points) February 23rd, 2012

Sometimes when I talk on the phone, I want to do something like doodling, but online. This would be especially useful when I’m listening to a conference call. I want to pay attention, and it’s tempting to be on e-mail, but that would distract me too much.

I want something very lightly distracting, but not too much so. Any suggestions?

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It’s so much fun. You doodle on the website and press the “send” button, then a person draws a picture back to you. It’s so much fun and there are some fabulous artists hiding in there!

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Jackson Pollock is perfect for this. I find other doodle sites have too many features & it becomes a distraction in & of itself. This (JacksonPollock) site is extremely simple. Left click to change the color of the ink. Faster mouse movement = thinner lines. Slower mouse movement = thicker lines.

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Hi, @Trustinglife! Haven’t seen you around in ages. Glad you’re still here.

Just curious: why aren’t pencil and paper ideal for your purpose?

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Two online whiteboards that you can use are Twiddla and Scribblar

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Thanks everyone. I’ve tried out Jackson Pollock, which I really enjoyed. And then I just tried out Harmony on a call tonight. And man, I love it. That feels like one I can use for the long-term. Thanks Tom for that.

@Jeruba, nice to see you again here! I can certainly consider pencil and paper, but I just don’t love the medium. I can experiment further though. That’s one of the things I like about the Harmony website – so many different options and things to experiment with, and yet something clean at the same time.

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