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What exactly is "Food Loot"? (More information inside)

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) February 23rd, 2012

I was looking at a particular college, and I came across a page about dorms/residence life/housing costs. If you go to this link:

and scroll down to the chart, to the one that says “Brownell, (Kitchen)”, under Food Plan Type it says “Food Loot”. What exactly does that mean? I’m GUESSING it means you have your own kitchen, but you pay for the food, am I right?

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It might be the equivalent of FSU’s Garnet Bucks. What it is, is parent’s (typically) will pay for the money ala a meal plan, and give the credits (food loot) to the child. The benefits are at least two fold:

-Discount at the on campus vendors
-Peace of mind that the student is actually using the money on food, rather than clothing, beer, videogames, whatever else.

In short, it’s a paid meal plan, as the title of the column states.

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They should just call them Chartwells dollars. Man, I hate that company.

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Not “or” @gailcalled that seems like exactly what I described! LOL

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