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Why when I forward some emails on my iPhone the whole email does not come up?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) May 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

I use gmail

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I am assuming it’s because I’d hasn’t all download yet. It should present you with the option to finish downloading or send as is.

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I dont know. I read the mail on my phone. Just when I forward it. It cuts off the body of email

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I have avoided this by looking up google mail on my safari and adding my gmail as an icon on my iphone screen.

No waiting to download and fast forwarding.

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If you are able to read it all and when you forward it truncates it – that is odd. Are you using IMAP? It might be some weird anomaly associated with IMAP synching. I’d check out the iPhone forum at and see if others have the issue.

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