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Is it bad that my back cracks and crunches everytime I roll my shoulders?

Asked by shrubbery (10251points) May 23rd, 2008

It’s not loud to others but I can definately hear it. And others can definately feel it if they put a hand on my upper back. Everytime I lift my shoulders or roll them back… is it bad for me or…? Will I get arthritis or something?

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Hope not. Mine does the same.

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Me Too! Mine certainly sounds bad. Do you think that there are common factors between us 3 that might cause it? I noticed mine doing it about 6 months ago.

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No idea. Mines done it for years. Same thing with my ankles and sometimes (rarely) wrists and neck.

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Mine’s been doing it for a couple of years now… hmm… do you guys sleep on your side or your back? Maybe it’s something like that. Hey wildflower, my ankles do it too. If I start a run without cracking my ankles first I have to stop and crack them otherwise it hurts. My wrist can do a tiny little crack when I twist it. I can’t crack my neck though.

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Ever since I was little I could make all my knuckles pop by making a fist.

Ankles, Neck, if it bends, it will crack.

I start out sleeping on my side. I must eventually end up on my back since that’s when my wife wakes me up to stop snoring. LOL

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Thats wierd… My neck cracks anytime I roll it, but not my shoulders.

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Haha I start off on my side too but I am the worst snorer as well so I guess I must roll onto my back. I always wake up on my side though. Maybe the common factor is the snoring :P

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I only snore when I’ve been drinking. And can’t be woken up then – I know, my husband’s a lucky guy!
As for sleeping position, that can be anything, seriously, if I’m tired enough, I can even sleep sitting up (not standing though).

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I can sleep standing up! My knees hyperextend allowing them to lock so I can fall asleep on my feet, like a giraffe.

(sorry for the off-topic response)

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It’s not off topic, we’re exploring the possibility of sleeping habits being related to the snap, crackle and pop of your joints (bones, that is).

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I make that giraffe look like a wimp!
LOL, jk =p

Oh yeah… Sometimes I fall asleep with my arm bent and when I wake up my elbow makes a huge crack.

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My neck cracks more after falling asleep on the sofa. The arm-rest feels comfy when I’m falling asleep, but not so much so when I wake up….

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Did you know there was a Web community for this? I didn’t.

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It’s my brain that cracks
When, again definitely
Is spelled with that “a.”

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Wow, I need a massage! Mind you, that video focuses pretty much on doing what I usually do myself (rest both hands on back of head, push hands forward while stretching back backwards, always gets a few crackles).

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@gailcalled This Haiku thing is addictive, isn’t it?

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What you may be hearing in your shoulders is the tendons moving over muscles.
Have you been working out or not getting any exercise?

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Yes…Not getting any exercise.

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I’m sorry gailcalled, I take pride in my spelling I do, but that’s the one word that has haunted me since primary school, leaving me unable to get 100% on my spelling tests. I just can’t make the ‘i’ stick in my brain.

@judochop, I get plenty of exercise with all the sports I play and I go for runs, I only “work out” in the rowing season and even then it wasn’t much really.

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Shrub; It is a word that has more variations than I thought possible. Think of the words
“finite” and “infinite.” I bet you spell those correctly all the time. Then add the “de”...“definite“and “definitely,” and “indefinitely.”

And keep in mind that I like to write Haikus and wander around the language, whenever the opportunity presents itself. (And keep in mind also that I am an equal-opportunity English grouch.)

To legitimize this, I believe that arthritis develops w. overuse of the common joints; fingers, knees, lower back. Repetitive motion over the years wears away the cartilage (Shilolo – am I even close?) and the bones rub together, which causes deformities.

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Yes! It means that you are out of alignment. If you got in your car and it made all sorts of noises when you drove it would you think it is okay? I would guess no, your joints are dehydrated and you are slouching way to much. You need to work on yourself from the inside out first off you need to be sure you are hydrated stay away from anything that dehydrates you yes this is caffeine. You need to take Omega 3 or eat fresh seafood. You need to stretch everyday. Then you need to join a gym and let the trainers know you need to make your abs and back stronger.

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