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If you absolutely had to, what food would you eat for breakfast, lunch and supper?

Asked by zensky (13367points) February 25th, 2012

And why? Taste – health – both?

Just for fun.

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Totally taste.

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

I’d eventually slip into a sugar coma.

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It would probably be some type of fruit, for the health factor.

I find eggs to be pretty versatile, but too many equals too much cholesterol.

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Chicken Fricassee with steamed and buttered Basmati rice.

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Enchiladas. I’m craving Mexican food right now, actually for the last few weeks.

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Macaroni and cheese.

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Most breakfast foods I find I can stomach any time of the day. Some other foods I may find too heavy for the morning but there is no such thing as too light for lunch or dinner. Plus cold cereals don’t required heating and you can add a bit of sugar if your in the mood for something sweet.

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Pizza, lasagna, or eggs.

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Lasagna :D

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Eggs, bacon, bagel. Yes, I frequently have breakfast for dinner.

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What do you mean, if I absolutely had to? Like if I could only pick one food for those three meals for the rest of my life?

Probably fish. Apparently, you could live your whole life just eating various fish and sea food, and be perfectly healthy. It’s something I’m keeping in mind if there’s ever a zombie outbreak. runs around biting jellies

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@Symbeline That’s one I couldn’t do. It might ruin my love for pussy.

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That’s easy-cherry flavored Pez.

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breakfast!! eggs.

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Morning rolls heated and with butter.

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@flutherother GA. I hadn’t thought of really really good bread. I could do artisian bread all the time.

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Now I want warm morning rolls.

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pizza. Why? Because there is just no possible way to tire of it.

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bacon, I love bacon

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^ Why didn’t I think of that?

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Rainbow salad. There are a ton of different recipes, but mine has lettuce, goat cheese, walnuts, crasins, pears, sweet potatoes, red cabbage, and honey mustard dressing. That’s technically cheating, but most of the food groups are covered and I would never get tired of it.

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Huevos Rancheros

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Pizza, and I already do this most of the time.

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Homemade vegetable beef soup.

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Fresh bread.

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