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Are there any stops from palestine to sanfransisco?

Asked by love408 (147points) May 23rd, 2008


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Depends which way you fly I guess. I’m really just speculating based on flights I’ve made in the past but I’ve never flown to/from Palestine so I’m not much of an expert.

My guesses: If you fly west out of Palestine, you’ll likely stop in either Amsterdam, London or Paris. From there you can probably get directly to San Francisco. If you fly east out of Palestine then I’d say you’ll stop in either Dubai, Hong Kong or Tokyo before going on to San Francisco.

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Hmm.. if you fly east you might stop somewhere on the east coast of the US? Just a guess.
When I flew to/from Dubai, we stopped in Atlanta, Georgia. I don’t know if that helps you at all.

Good answer, paulc.

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No. There might be flights from israel to San francisco though.

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I, like Mtl Zack, am also wondering what airport in “Palestine” you are leaving from? Please clarify. Are you trying to make a political point by denying the existence of Israel?

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um, i’m going to ignore the political explosion that is about to happen in order to tell you that there are direct flights from tel aviv to l.a. your other choice would be to fly from amman, in which case i’m not sure.

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Can I fly non stop from New York to Mesopotania?

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@pattyb, I don’t know that but there’s one thing that I do know. There’s a lot of ruins… in Mesopotamia.

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