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It's a Red Gravy making day. What should I make to go with it?

Asked by blueiiznh (16688points) February 26th, 2012

Today is one of those days where I make a few gallons of red sauce. I usually make something the day I make it like Lasagna.
I want some different suggestion for what you would make with some fresh made red gravy.

I am leaning towards a Chicken Cacciatore.

What say you?

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I vote for meatballs. Freeze some of the meatballs for future use along with the gravy. I know it is general, but I have to say I’m from the South. Gravy to me is made from a rue of sausage or bacon drippings and milk and used over biscuits. When I was living in Rhode Island, I found out that gravy or red sauce takes on a whole new meaning.

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@bkcunningham now you have me craving some of the best Italian bread locally from the Federal Hill District in Providence.

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Scialo Brothers? I swear, Federal Hill spoiled me. I’ve traveled all over and there is no better food than on The Hill.

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Where I grew up it would be Sunday Gravy all the way, with Italian bread from Virgilios- Mmmm.

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Live in an Italian town, and Gravy takes on a new meaning. I came from New England, and it was what you made on Thanksgiving from pan juices. Also when you made a leg of lamb.

Red Gravy comes from South Philly, and it seems it is an acquired taste in my family.

Personally, I make tomato sauce. Heavy on basil and poblano peppers, in my version. I’ve never tasted another sauce that tastes as good. Probably not because it’s any good. More like because I made it, and you always cook to your own taste.

Now, I make my “gravy” in the summer when the tomatoes are fresh off the vine. Why, Mr. @blueiiznh, are you making yours now? Where are your tomatoes from?

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I have never heard of tomato sauce referred to as “red gravy”. To me, gravy is made from the juices of freshly roasted meat, and that’s all. Any thickened liquid made from a variety of ingredients is a sauce.

How about making some stuffed manicotti and pouring the sauce over it before freezing? Then you have a ready to eat meal for later in the week.

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How about stuffed manicotti? Always tasty!

@zenvelo I had never heard the term “red gravy” for tomato sauce until I met some 3rd – 4th generation Italian American families who kept up with the traditions of the old country. I think it may have been a mistranslation that became tradition. Most of the Italian immigrants I knew growing up were WW2 refugees and their kids and grandkids. None of them said red gravy. So I think it’s unique to Italian Americans who came in the late 19th early 20th century.

There is a book out there recently written specifically about the history of Italian American cuisine that might have more specifics if you are interested.

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@wundayatta fresh plum tomatoes from a friend who works the Boston grocery wholesale market. I make several batches in later summer, but my freezer was empty.

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