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Is hair dye dangerous?

Asked by MissRosie81 (251points) February 26th, 2012

Hello :)

I used to have my hair highlighted 2–3 times a year at a salon. I really love the results, but lately I’ve been hearing a lot about the health risks associated with hair dye.

Is hair dye dangerous and should I go the natural route? Or are these small quantities not to be worried about?

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It all depends on the kind of dye you use. In general, there is really only an elevated health risk if a) you dye your hair all the time I’m thinking every month or so and b) if it is permanent dye. Dyeing your hair a few times should not cause any health problems. If you use semi-permanent dye, any health risk all but vanishes. If you’re still concerned, I would check with your salon or do a little research on your chosen brand of dye.

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Like @KatawaGrey previously said, it depends on the type of dye, how much of your hair you’re dying (i.e. all of it, or just highlights) and how often you dye it. No chemical can be considered good for you.

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Everything has the potential to be dangerous.

Moderation is the key.

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No. I dye my hair myself every 6 weeks. As long as your not consuming it, you should be fine. But if the fums or smell bothers you, no.

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I dyed my hair last night.
The chemicals probably aren’t good for you, but it really depends on which dye you use, and how often you dye it.

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Unless you have an auto-immune deficiency, in moderation, hair dye is fine. Actually highlights are a bit safer than dyeing because the bleach doesn’t sit on the scalp.

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Only if you begin to believe it

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I believe that it’s probably not great for you. There are many things that people consider fine only to be proven dangerous a decade or two later – like mercury tooth fillings etc.

I don’t know if there is any good way of lightening hair except for lemmon..but if you want to go red natural henna (from your health food shop, probably just in a plain bag, it’s green) is really good for your hair. It’s up to you how red you want to go, by how long you leave it in – but definitely do a strand test because it’s permanent. I have a little bit in my own hair and it gives a nice glow to my naturally mousey brown hair. And you’ll bearly have a split-end with it in your hair!

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