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Do you know of any resources to quickly and easily convert midi to old videogame-style 8-bit sound?

Asked by TexasDude (25274points) February 27th, 2012

I’m composing some music that I’m exporting to MIDI, and I’d like to convert it to old school videogame 8-bit style like in this example. Do any of you lovelies know of an online or easy to use downloadable resource for doing this?

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What OS are you using?

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@whitecarnations Windows 7 64-bit, I do believe.

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What current DAW are you using if any?

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@whitecarnations I’m using Guitar Pro 5 to compose and export. I also have access to Fruity Loops (not sure what version) and Audacity.

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Okay, well my best advice is that typically, where you can apply “effects” onto a sessioned track there should be an option for “bit crushing”. I’m thinking Audacity might have it. And if you “bit crush” some electronic keys it will give that 8 bit effect. Usually you can just put some overdrive or distortion on your recorded keys as well, along with slight overdrive of the drums. Hopefully someone finds something easier for you though.

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@whitecarnations I’ll give that a shot until/unless someone comes along with something more straightforward. Thanks for doing all that digging and helping me out. Even if it doesn’t work out quite right, I’m still up for experimentation.

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My suggestion is using 8-bit VST synthesizers like YMVST to take those midi files you export and 8-bit them, per se.

When you say “export MIDI files”, you know that MIDI files have no sound associated with them, right, merely commands and notation to be played back?

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