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My MacBookPro dekstop image randomly change this morning what are the possibilities of why?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) February 28th, 2012

Strange as heck. The “change picture” portion is indeed unchecked. What could be some underlying possibilities? Thanks!

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What image did it change to?

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The default “Andromeda Galaxy”

Also just now when I looked at my desktop it was pure black until I went to change desktop and right away it changed back to the galaxy. What the freak?

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My guess is that the wallpaper image you had selected is no longer available on disk. So it reverted to the default.

Less likely is that a recent update to the OS has reset the selected wallpaper.

Not sure what to think about it going black. :-\

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That makes sense. I cleaned off my desktop images yesterday, yet I wonder why it lasted the rest of the day as the BG.

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@fundevogel Data Ghosts, pointing me toward the heavens in space!

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@whitecarnations Exactly! It must have gotten caught in the wifi.

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