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What internet mapping site do you find most accurate?

Asked by playthebanjo (2949points) May 23rd, 2008

yahoo maps? google maps? expedia? mapquest? others? do you follow the routes or do you deviate?

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I rely almost exclusively on Google Maps after having trouble with Mapquest misguiding me several times a few years ago. I love the combo streets/satellite map to get an overview of the location or route. The route map is always useful, although I do tend to check local knowledge as well regarding traffic/construction/that one street that’s hard to use/etc.

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I use Mapquest, Google Maps, and Yahoo. I have once in a while had problems with all of them, but most of the time they work fine. (I once had a doctor’s office say Mapquest has the directions here wrong so be sure and use Yahoo.)

If I don’t know where I am going at all, I usually follow them. If I get directions for an address in my area, I sometimes go another way that I know from experience will work better due to traffic or construction or whatever.

On the whole, though, aren’t they great? Remember what it was like before? I hated it when people gave vague directions. (“Turn left at the third light, no the fourth light. I don’t remember the street name, but you can’t miss it.”) Those are famous last words.

I have noticed that most people are really bad at judging mileage. Someone would say “Go about half a mile.” That could mean a couple of blocks to a mile and a half.

So, I’ll take ‘em flaws and all.

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I use Google maps exclusively.

One thing that perplexes me to no end is that I’ll plug in the exact same addresses into Google maps on my iPhone and on my computer, and will consistently get different routes to the same location. What’s up with that? I’m in the bay area.

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i like yahoo maps because if you know there is construction you can draw a route around the site where you cant go. and sometimes i find that google maps doesnt plot adresses correctly

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