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Where and how can I get more cool wallpapers for my iPhone?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) May 23rd, 2008 from iPhone
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I browse & flickr and resize photos I like to be my wallpaper

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Stumble photography.
Look up historical art paintings.

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I use photos that I have taken myself or others have sent to me. I feel it’s more personal that way and I can ID my phone easily since we have several in the house.

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@fallstand. I have been to that site. Very nice by the way. However, how do I save from my iPhone. Or do I have to down load on computer? @seesul. I know and thanks. I have done my own photos also. I was just wondering how to get better more quality pics other than the ones I get on the phone. Btw those photos on iphone for most part are geared to the females

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lol@banjo. I know WAY too many people on that fucking site. I <3 it.

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Veer has the most creative collection designed specifically for the iPhone

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Another suggestion is to go to and then if you see anything you like, sign in for a free membership and place a comment on the person’s photo that you like and ask them if you can use it. Most people say yes and are flattered that you want to use it. I’ve used some on my computer that way. If you don’t want to put a public comment, then there is also a place to message them privately and ask.

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thanks. I will check them all out. Seems tho I have to go to site with my computer and save than transfer to my phone. But hey that’s cool

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save the pictures, load the pictures to your iphone and use them.
I have tons of photos (of things I reference a lot) on my phone. Its not all that hard.

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Hopefully you are on a mac. Then you can see what you like online, right click download into iphoto library, in iphoto create a folder called iphone wallpapers. in your itunes sync options, under photos, pick the wallpapers folder as one to sync. then next time you sync, they will be there. because there is not a disk mode, you can’t save as from safari on the iphone.

@delirium, I love it too. there is some really great artwork on there. do you have an invite to there that you can get for me? LOL

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banjo is right about an easy way to download art to your phone from a mac… as for art,
i have found some cool wallpapers at – the art there can be used on a variety of desktop sizes and has a special download size for iPhone. another good resource for original art for iPhone wallpaper is
happy hunting – let me know if either of those are your speed hollister.

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I declined the invite a long time ago. Someday i’m hoping to finagle a re-offer…. but who knows after declining one.

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google>images>iPhone wallpapers

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