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Why does music sound horrible through my new headphones?

Asked by Earthflag (549points) February 29th, 2012

I just bought skullcandy earplug headphones. I was listening to music in my laptop and quality is just awkward, and horrible. I can’t feel the bass or anything. It’s almost like the music is coming from a megaphone. Is it normal that some headphones have this sound? How can I make it sound normal…

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The wiring inside them may be damaged/crap, return them and see if a new pair gets you better results.

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@sinscriven I doubt it… I just bought it.

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@Earthflag That has nothing to do with how something may have gone wrong with manufacturing. Also, earplugs in general are shit, get some behing the neck style ones, bluetooth if you can.

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@XOIIO Haha I know! But I already have that. I need earplugs. The simple white apple ones worked great and nice quality. These are just horrible. So you are saying the sound is like this because of the earplugs and i can’t do anything to change it? ah

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Check reviews online to see I there are similar complaints, and good god, apple earbuds good? Maybe go get a hearing test, I think your ears are shot.

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@XOIIO I’m studying music engineering, so it is hard to satisfy me. But man, compared to this… Apple ARE great. I’m listening from megaphone, seriously.

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God, they must have thumbtacks sticking out of them then to be worse than apple XD

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Adjust the equalizer on whatever you’re listening to stuff on. iPods/iPhones for example have a “small speakers” equalizer setting that pumps up the bass and reduces the treble.

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Listen to a better quality of music?

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Are they fancy ones with pictures on them? Maybe they’re just for show. I’d return them and get some sony ones…I have a pair and the base is excellent, it’s like having surround-sound excellent quality speakers in the room for 20euro (that’s roughly the same in dollars)

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