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I have class and summons for jury duty on the same day, what to do?

Asked by King_Pariah (11484points) March 1st, 2012

As said above, I have summons for jury duty and class on the same day. And not just any day of class, the first day of class for which I’m on the waiting list and thus is vital for me to be there to hopefully snatch an open spot.
My request for postponement was denied, is there anything I can do?

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Talk to the professor teaching the class and let them know you have jury duty. The school cannot use your serving on jury duty as an excuse to deny you a spot in the class if one comes open.

But they can deny you if you don’t inform them first.

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Aren’t there ways to opt out of jury duty? Say you have a bias or something?

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I like the idea of telling the school/teacher. I don’t think you can not show up to the jury duty responsibility.

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@XOIIO It’s really the reporting in factor.

@king_pariah You can write a letter in advanced to the courts if you want to petition I bet. I’ve never been to jury duty in my life. 24 years old.

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You can call the Jury Commissioner and ask for rescheduling because of a school conflict.

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As @zenvelo wrote, see if you can postpone jury duty. The rules vary by jurisdiction, so you need to call them and ask about your options.

Also, when I have received a summons, often it required zero hours of my time.

The instructions said call in the day before to see if I was needed, Often the answer was “no”.

I’ve been called six times in twenty years. Three times I did not have to attend. Three times I was dismissed the first day.

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I have never been requested to be on a jury but I am pretty sure you can provide evidence to show you are unavailable. You may need to get a letter or something from your university to say you cannot miss that class or that it will be detrimental to your ongoing studies if you don’t complete it now (which it will be if it is a pre-req for other courses).

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I have been called for jury duty twice, but never served. I know,.. I am a horrible citizen. I had my employer write a letter saying I couldn’t be excused from work. ;oP

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If you want to get out of jury duty, the best way is, when they ask if you know anyone associated with this trial, to point to the defendant and say “I don’t know anybody but that guilt son of a bitch over there”. They will ask you, and everyone else on the jury panel, to leave after that.

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I believe there are exceptions if you are a student. I believe you can request a date change.

Also, if you have someone in your family or circle of friends who are in law enforcement, that may work in your favor for getting out of jury duty.

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Funny story about my Dad. He got called for a mob trial once. The defense asked him if he had any prejudices against people of Italian decent. He replied, ‘No, I got nothing against Wops.’ He was home later that night. My dad was such a class act. lol

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I did ask for a date change, denied.

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The worst thing you can do is not show up for jury duty. The judge could decide to keep you in jail until the trial is over, and some jails now will charge you for room and board.

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@King_Pariah What is the case about anyways? That might be usefull info.

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@XOIIO depending on the jurisdiction, he may not know until he gets there.

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@WestRiverrat has it right, I won’t know til I get there.

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Dang, well, you could say he’s done the same to you, but it may be a rape case or something, so that doesn’t work.

If you were able to get out last minute would you still try if you talked to the teacher?

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Just tell the court that you are an extremist neonazi. that should do.

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In Texas, you can be excused from jury duty if you are “a person enrolled and in actual attendance at an institution of higher education.”

So, don’t just ask for postponement… ask to be excused from service altogether.

And sweet jam on a cracker, do not perjure yourself just to get out of the selection process.

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Call the circuit clerk’s office and ask if there’s a better way to handle the problem. If you can-go in and talk to someone. Sometimes face to face people help a little better.

@robmandu -nice answer! “sweet jam on a cracker” -priceless!

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So @King_Pariah How did this work out for you?

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I got into class but with jury duty, I was deferred to July 23rd. :/

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