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How can I do a same-day champagne delivery in Chicago as a "congratulations" gift?

Asked by occ (4036points) March 1st, 2012

I want to congratulate a colleague on a big success at work. I would rather send champagne than flowers. The big online sites like charge very big fees for next-day shipping. I’m looking to have something delivered tomorrow, the same day that I order it. It seems that for ordering flowers, local florists charge reasonable fees to deliver that same day. Is there anything similar, at the local level, that I could use to order a delivery of a bottle of wine or champagne without crazy delivery fees? I’m looking to spend less than $50 total. This would be in the Chicago area.

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Buy the bottle yourself and take it to a florist. Have the florist embellish the bottle with balloons or flowers and deliver it for you.

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I should have added that I am in a different city, which is why I can’t deliver the champagne myself.

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Find out the neighborhood. Then look online for the most reputable wine store in that hood. You can call in an order and they will deliver.
This works in cities where people don’t drive everywhere.

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My first thought was a florists. Find one close to where you want it delivered. See if they are able to send a bottle of champagne (I think some florist/gift delivery places are licensed to sell alcohol, but you may have to ring around to a few.) Otherwise, you may be stuck buying it and bringing it to the florists yourself, then they will have a minimum order for delivery, so you may have to buy some flowers to get them to deliver the champagne for you.

Perhaps Yelp can help.

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Call a courier service in Chicago.

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I think @zigmund has the most practical answer. An explanation and a credit card number for the manager of the store should facilitate it.

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