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Is there a way to cure trypophobia?

Asked by eathlocke (2points) March 3rd, 2012

I didn’t know that my fear of holes is called trypophobia. Then, when a friend tagged me on an image, which he titled “my phobia” I was so shocked. My hands were shaking. I was having goosebumps. And so, I immediately closed the page but I cried all night because I couldn’t get the image off of my head. :(

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Apparently, this one is catchy.
According to Martin Antony, a psychologist at Ryerson University in Toronto, past-president of the Canadian Psychological Association and author of The Anti-Anxiety Workbook:
Trypophobia may also be catching. An element of so-called emotional contagion seems to be at work on Facebook, where some group members say they didn’t realize they were trypophobic until they started reading others’ comments and clicking on the pictures. “It’s not unusual to laugh harder at a funny movie if others around you are laughing,” Antony explains. “In the same way, we may be more likely to experience fear in a particular moment if others around us are fearful.”

If you were easily suggested into it, you may be easily suggested out of it. Try hypnotherapy or a homeopath.

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The way that you cure any phobia—with therapy.

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I imagine that if you talk to your doctor, he/she could recommend some short term cognitive behavioral therapy and maybe some anti-anxiety meds, that’s how most phobias are handled. Although I must say, I’ve never heard of this one before.

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I don’t suppose pictures of a Surinam Toad giving birth would help get you get over your phobia? The first time I saw that, I was utterly obsessed with the idea. How amazingly handy that is and so alien.

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For some relief you may try an all natural relaxant called “Valerin” made from Valerian root. Passiflora and magnesium carbonate. I got some from:

Pass this by your doctor first.

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I guess I really need to consult a doctor. Thanks everybody. I really appreciate the suggestions. I hope I can get over this soon.

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