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Why can't I just log in on the page where I enter the site?

Asked by Zyx (4160points) March 3rd, 2012

It doesn’t seem like a very efficient design?

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What? Can you expand a little on your question?

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Checked again and I was presented with the login form after all… I have a bookmark to my activity and when I click it after I’ve been logged out I often end up at the new user registration form, which is pretty frustrating.

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Change your browser setting so it doesn’t log out out, or use the home page as your bookmark.

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Yeah, I’d use the home page as your bookmark (that’s what I do).

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IMHO, if a website’s home page doesn’t have a place where you can log in, and instead makes you click a link labeled “login” which then takes to a login page where you enter your id and password, that’s poor design. In this case, you might try bookmarking the login page instead of the home page.

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If the browser detects that you have been logged in before, you should get the login screen instead of the sign up screen.

The reason the sign up screen is default is because it’s more likely to attract new members. Users that have already signed up is likely to know how to log in.

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My guess is that the cookies that Fluther looks at to see if you’ve visited before are either disabled or just not working.

We might have broken it when we moved the site over. (Did you know we completely packed up Fluther and moved it to a different city?)

There’s a link at the top of the join page that flips it to login. “Login if you’re true of heart”.

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