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Best color palette generator?

Asked by MarcoDemarco (221points) December 18th, 2016

Okay Internet people. I’m looking for a color palette generator where you can input one color (say with a hex value), and the generator produces one ore more palettes that would go with that color.

I’ve checked the great and merciful search engine and found these websites:
doesn’t really generate a paletter unless I’m just doing something wrong.
Does the trick, but is there an even better option.

There are other sites, but these two are the best I’ve found. Would love for us to create a good resource here. Please weigh in guys. Feel free to link to tutorials or anything you feel would help anyone looking for a good (free maybe) color palette generator.

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I love the creative group at

I get loads of ideas there. I even got to name some of the colours.

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Thanks, I’ve never visited these sites. looks really promising. I hope anyone who lands on this thread can benefit from the links here.

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