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How do you eat from your plate?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) March 3rd, 2012

My father-in-law ate one food at a time, finishing off, say, the meat, then the potatoes, then the vegetables or whatever. Some people clear their plate from one side to the other. Some adults and often, children, don’t want the different foods to mix on the plate. Some eat their favorite food first; others start with what they like the least. Others, taste a little of this, a little of that, mixing and matching as they go. How do you clean your plate?

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I mix and match, a bit of each taking it in turns, though I tend to save my favourite thing til last.

My daughter’s boyfriend will eat one thing at a time, starting with the thing he likes least.

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I usually utilise a knife & fork, sometimes I go a little crazy & use a spoon.
Whatever’s in the “firing line” gets shovelled in regardless.

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Now I know exactly what I would be paying attention to the next time I get my meal on a plate. I’ll be back to report.

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I try to take in a little bit of everything with every mouthful/forkful/spoonful…
A bit of steak, some mash, a chip, a bit of cucumber, gravy—> In mouth.

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When I was a kid, I ate one thing at a time, going around my plate. When I got older, my mom told me that she always watched me do this and she always had to stop herself from commenting on it or trying to get me to change my way. When I moved to New Zealand and started eating ‘with proper manners’ with a knife and fork, I learned how to put mashed potato on my my fork with my meat and then I really started to mix my food and got over my eating ‘issues’. I also put on quite a bit of weight the first year, got miserable, and lost it and got proper fit. I think my odd eating habits (I also hated eating in front of people. I thought the idea of putting food in one’s mouth and chewing in front of people totally gross.) led to some unhealthy problems and obsessions with food, but I got over them, eventually.

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I just put it all on one plate and devour indiscriminately.

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I’m a mix and matcher. Sometimes, after I’ve sampled everything, I’ll eat what I don’t like as much, first, to get rid of it. I come from the ‘clean plate’ generation. Take as much as you like, but eat it all. Some times that’s a pain.

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Just realised this question asks “How doe”......? I’d just like to state for the record I didn’t eat Bambi’s mother, mmmkay!

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I really don’t think about it much at all. I just shovel it all in to fill my stomach eight tenths full.

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I usually blend a few or all of the types in each mouthful.
Although if I have a really favorite thing on the plate I will tend to reserve some for last to finish with that delightful flavor in my mouth persisting.

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My approach is exactly like @downtide.‘s

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I’m trying to get the doe changed. It embarrasses me. In reality, venison is delicious, although that’s not what I was suggesting.

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Yep, I like to rotate bites of everything. Usually I will start with my salad and eat about half, then move on to the entree, alternating bites of everything. I try to synchronize the bites so there is not too much of any single item left over. I don’t really like to take bites of multiple foods at once, unless it is like a Thanksgiving dinner with peas and mashed potatos or turkey and cranberry sauce or stuffing, or steak with mushrooms. I prefer my foods separate and not overlapping, maybe just touching. haha

I also only like water with my meals, nothing else. If I have some wine or a cocktail I am done drinking when dinner is served.
My daughter is extremely anal about foods not touching each other on the plate. haha
Oh what quirky peeps we are. lol

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I used to eat one thing at a time. But now I move around. I usually have quite a bit of food left on my plate too, when I’m done.

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I eat a little of everything but I tend to save the majority of my most favourite thing until last so I can finish off with that. I always eat my least favourite thing first.

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I tend to mix and match.

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I’m a mix and matcher. Sometimes, I save a bit of my favorite thing for last and sometimes I’ll mix it with the thing I like the least. I rarely eat the kind of meal with smaller portions of a lot of foods, though. I’m more the casserole or cover-one-food-group-with-each-meal type.

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I usually eat whatever looks best at the time. So sometimes, I’ll mix and match, and other times I’ll eat around my plate in something like a circle. It depends on how hungry I am or not. If I’m really hungry, I’ll probably mix and match, because I just want to eat. If I’m not hungry, I’ll take my time and actually think about how the food tastes or combine foods which seem like they’d go well together. I have no true preference.

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I like things that compliment each other when eating that way I can take a little of everything on the fork and eat the creation. I love when things touch and mix together accidentally. It usually creates a wonderful flavor.

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A little of this; a little of that, saving a little of my favorite for last. If there is a vast disparity in my preference for the foods on my plate, I will eat what I don’t like first and eat what I like later.

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I pick at everything here and there, although I usually end up eating my favorite of wtv’s on the plate first. I’m also known to eat the plate itself after, and a bit of the table.

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@KatawaGrey We just need good things.

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I don’t like mixing the individual components of the dish. I’ll take a bite from the main then later from the side, and alternate between them. I make sure that the last bite I eat is from my favourite part of the meal.

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A little of this, a little of that, sometimes combining if the match is good (Thanksgiving: a bit of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy all in the same bite). Always save a couple of bites of my favorite for last, though.

My ex eats one thing completely before starting another, saving his favorite (always meat) for last. I always thought that was strange, because doesn’t it get cold by the time you get to it?

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I don’t like my foods to touch each other; I ate on a plastic picnic divided plate until I married and left home. Now, if I serve something juicy, it goes in a separate little bowl. I’m a fanatic about the food being hot, so I tend to first eat that which I fear will get cold first.

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I eat one thing at a time, finishing with my favorite. Sauces are banished to the lower left side of the plate, vegetables to the upper right, anything else has a random place.

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The protein part first, enough to make me sated and then some starch to feel like a treat followed by vegie or fruit to aid digestion and breakdown of the previous stuffs.

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I like to take my time and eat, I don’t have a particular pattern in eating my food. I just mix and match.

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