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Any tips and tricks to keep my black clothes from fading and looking worn out?

Asked by Sponge (541points) March 3rd, 2012

I want to keep my blacks black,is there any special detergent I should use?

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They have detergent for black and dark clothes, but I’ve never used it to know how it works. I wash my clothes inside out, so the exterior doesn’t rub and get as worn out looking so quickly. As for the color, unfortunately, not much to do about that except wash it less, and that’s just nasty!

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How about dying it black?

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They’re going to fade eventually. But you can slow the process a lot by washing on the gentle cycle in cold water with a cold-water detergent such as Cheer. My two-year-old black jeans are still black. My husband’s are a dull gray because he doesn’t want them treated as “delicate.”

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The absolute best guide for the care of black-colored clothing that I have ever read on the Internet can be found here. \m/

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Unfortunately, black clothing fades with use. I’ll try some of those tips in that link by @laureth, but I don’t think there’s much you can do in the long run.

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Not for the super long run, but if you wash black clothes in cold water it prolongs the life of the color. I didn’t believe it at first, I would wash blacks with dark colors. But I learned even dark colors strip black away, good thing I buy my shirts $20 for 5 at champs.

Also, dry black clothes on a lower setting too.

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Wash them on the gentle cycle in cold water with Woolite Dark.

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I had a lot of black things for dance classes and every so often I’d throw them all in the washer with some Rit dye to refresh the blackness. Works with washables. You can set the dye in some hot water and then add cold water for the rest of the wash cycle.

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Don’t put them in the dryer. The dryer beats the heck out of all clothes but the dark colors seem to show it more.

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