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What is a certain kind of policy of your company that you have difficulty with (if any)?

Asked by rebbel (25207points) March 4th, 2012

The company that I work for is one that works with volunteers.
Volunteers that are disabled because of whatever reason, retired people, people with difficulty finding a ‘normal’ job.
The goal is to give people a useful day activity and find those people a ‘real’ job in the end.
This means that there are always people going and coming.
Herein lies my ‘problem’: I have a little difficulty with getting used to new people (in my workplace), and since about every few weeks a new person comes to our company I have to deal with this quite often.
It is not a very big deal, but a deal nonetheless which I deal with as good as I can, which means that I seek contact with the new one.
What is a (result of a) policy of your company that you have difficulty with?

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I’m not allowed to smear Vaseline all over myself and pretend to be a snake

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Stating they did not have enough money for cameras in each police car for the officers safety.

Instead, they installed GPS in each vehicle.

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I work for the Phone Company, and we have GPS in our vehicles as well.
They want to be able to track us, and see when we are not at the job site.
I hate it, but as I understand it, the company recovered the cost of it the first month in gas savings.

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I am very happy with ALL the policies of the company I work for, and I have a foolproof plan that will let you achieve the same. Do as I do, and own the company. :-)

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They cut my budget and I had to lay off all the staff, except me.

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Employees are expected to work.

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I am a teacher 24/7/365—the label and expectations follow me to the grocery store, mall, everywhere. I really don’t have a private life outside of my home and have to be careful who I invite into my home—they might see my books and freak out that I actually have an opinion.

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@linguaphile what about during leap years?

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@filmfann I get a day off. Ha!

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