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Thoughts on Hillary Clinton's comment about Bobby Kennedy assasination during the primary in '68?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) May 23rd, 2008

She was talking about why she would not get out of the campaign. What was (is) she thinking?

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Either she is insinuating that Obama might be assassinated so she should stay in the race (which sounds like a threat to me!) or she was just trying to reference a point in history to show that it is too early to leave the race right now and the news reporters are blowing it out of proportion. I think she is a smart enough politician to know not to insinuate something like this, so I think it is probably the latter option. But I really don’t know. Go Obama!

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If you look at the video of the remarks in context on the Washington Post’s site, they are completely innocuous. The whole thing has been taken out of context to spark controversy (surprise).

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I particularly liked her defense, saying she was sorry, and mispoke as she had been thinking recently about the Kennedys because of Ted’s illness. Was she thinking about them when she said almost the exact same thing in March to a Time editor?
I love Senator Clinton. I have voted for her every time here in NY, except the primary. But I’m starting to dislike how when attacked, she lies and then gets caught in that lie.
Watch Washington Week on PBS.

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Blown way out of preportion. Robert Kennedy Jr. had no problem with her comments. Let’s get off all this crap and talk about the issues for once.

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I feel like it’s another low blow to Obama. So far he’s been a snob, a plagiarist, an appeaser, a Muslim, a racist, even someone who doesn’t love their country enough. Now he’s a target for assassination? Please.

Btw, if American assassinations were that easy, someone surely would have knocked off Bush by now. Can I get an amen?

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Thanks all for your comments. I was so shocked that I could hardly believe what she said. I was left speechless. And wondering what she could possibly be doing.
@mrza—thanks for that link.

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If Hillary is so smart, she would’ve remembered that snipers NEVER shot her.

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I am starting to lose faith that things are gonna turn around in this country. The “mud” slinging that has been going on is getting sickening. So & so’s pastor said this or that. He can’t get elected because whites won’t support him. She can’t get elected because men won’t vote for a women. I am a democrat & a Obama supporter. All of this sillyness is doing major damage to the democratic party’s chances of winning the election this fall. If they don’t get their act together we are in big trouble!

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The good new is Democrats will really have to f—- up to lose this election. The bad news is we are more than capable of doing it.

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See…I told you (see above)! It means that it is true people…Hillary is a dumbass!

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I need to go on record and say that I watched the Olbermann video that Mirza posted and Keith O convinced me that it was not innocuous, it was a pattern. Especially, after the Fox incident by Liz Trotta. We should not be talking assassination on the public airwaves.

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That may be, but you referred to Obama as a “negro”. So I’ll take your opinions with a grain of salt. (vicseay- not Marina)

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…Okay….sorry for the aside…but what race is Obama?

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@vicsway: Obama is an African-American and in this day and age, theres nothing wrong with a president being that. Maybe in the time you grew up, everything was all about white protestant men leading the country. But guess what ? times have changed. People are now going to change the old white-supremest way of life. In most modern areas of this country, your qualifications are no longer based on religion, race or even religion. if your generation doesnt like that then it sucks for you because the baby boomers are almost done.

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@mirza Please do not throw us all in with Vicseay!

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Sorry…you are so wrong….times have not changed. Human nature is still the same. Perhaps you may believe the liberal pipe dreams that the Big Three Network news constantly feed you. No….there is nothing wrong with an African-American becoming President…but is that what Mr. Barack Hussein Obama would call himself? But this question is about Presidental wannabe Hillary Rodham Clinton! She has merely used the magic words that all democrats apparently think will bring this country back into the idealism of the 1960’s…..Camelot and the Kennedy’s! Never mind that JFK was an immoral man who led us into the abyss of Vietnam and Bobby wanted to follow in his footsteps…..along with their communist friend Martin Luther King Jr. You don’t believe me….then do some research!

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Oh…and I am not a “Baby Boomer”! I don’t like those liberal pop psyc labels anyway…but I was born in the late 1960’s and am what you would call a Gen-X’er! I am not alone either on these things. The old saying is “the more things change…the more they stay the same” and you will find that to be true every time! Maybe you think that allowing immoral people to make a mockery of marriage and family….and letting illegal aliens to steal US citizens jobs and welfare benefits….and being an example of unAmerican behavior…and supporting the godless “ideas” so called of “science” so called to be real “change”...but I don’t! But that is fine….go on and believe that this man can win and change things into this perfect world that the media has come up with along with that JFK/Bobby/Utopia thing….that’s okay….cause payback’s are hell!

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@Vicseay I find your defense of “marriage and family” and talk of “people making a mockery” of it rather ironic in light of your own posts in other threads showing great hostility to both your wife and stepson and expressing your thoughts about leaving your marriage.

Further, considering what seemed to be a rather purposeless (designed to shock perhaps?) post on another thread that included rather graphic sexual imagery with no explanation or additional discourse to add to the discussion of the question, I find your moral outrage rather empty.

Finally, in light of your recent question regarding retraining, I find it surprising that you choose to bash liberals and Democrats. The economy of the eight years prior to GW Bush’s administration was lightyears better than where we are now. Perhaps the policies of the past eight years, and not illegal aliens, are why you are having to seek job retraining.

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Marriage and family is worth defense…even if my marriage is not the way it should be. Some people’s are. On the graphic sexual imagery….I merely answered the question you allude to. On “retraining”....where did you get that? I plainly said that these illegal aliens STEAL American jobs and benefits…and if you think not….then you need to go down to the Welfare lines and the Labor offices and see for yourself! Also…I do not vote my wallet….although far too many do these days! The “economy” is above you and me….it is controlled by the rich and elite and they are members of both big Political parties! Also….what does that have to do with Hillary and her Bobby thing?

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Thank G-d I live in America where even backward beliefs are protected. You have the right to even your most misguided opinions.

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