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Do you like giving and/or receiving greeting cards for minor holidays?

Asked by WhiteWingDove (388points) March 6th, 2012

My Mother still sends her children & grandchildren greeting cards for Valentine’s Day and Easter. There is never anything personal written inside, just her signature for both her and my Dad. I have the hardest time remembering to shop for cards for them or remembering to send them. To me, there is no meaning.

What views do you have on greeting cards without personalized messages for such events, or in general?

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Greeting cards (from the store) are depressing (the fact that we express our concern or happiness for someone by purchasing a $5 piece of tree with trite sayings in it).

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I don’t send them. If I receive them, I think of the sender for a few moments. It’s a nice thought, but totally unnecessary. I think people who send them are enjoying it and it doesn’t matter if there’s a personal note. They were thinking of you.

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Yes. I however write a lot inside of the cards I send out. Right now, I have no time for it, so I send nothing. :(

I much prefer formal mail. For me, the extra effort is well worth it.

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@SpatzieLover – That’s different. You take the time to write a lot in the cards. The card is the canvas, so to speak. I think this is great. I don’t think this is the norm, however. Many people send cards that are merely signed. The Hallmark-approved vacuous message stamped inside is supposed to suffice.

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I prefer handmade cards. I have a whole box full of handmade cards that I keep because they are very special to me.

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Yeah, @tom_g, I get it. My MIL does that when she sends out cards. It has her name, or if she’s really in a mood to write, one sentence will be added that has no extra sentiment added.

But that’s her personality. I am chatty. I chat even when I write. I am empathetic. I write with empathy.

I’m just happy to recieve. Each bit of communication is a gift. I am willing and open to receiving.

I buy Hallmark, American Greetings, artist made cards and occassionally make my own or send out photo cards.

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I used to love them, but the price has gotten so out of hand for commercial greeting cards that I won’t send them anymore.

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I buy them when they are 75 to 90% off. There have been a bunch of store closings in my locale

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Occasionally I will send an card that tickles my fancy, for some non-holiday. I have found several sock puppets who sing opera that I really enjoy, including their CV’s at the end.

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Not unless the message inside is just so funny that they couldn’t resist.

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It’s a waste of paper.

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I like it all the time, even for no reason at all. It’s very fun.

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I like it, but I usually try to write a brief personal message and like to get the same from others. I agree with you that the signature-only cards are a waste of time.

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My family has a game with some family friends of ours where we exchange this one card at as many holidays as we can. It started as a Halloween card, which is a strange holiday for a card. It features a painting of a pumpkin and either a cat or a kid. The inside has handwritten “HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO MY ANGEL, LOVE [silly nickname the Grandmother had chosen for herself].” Sometimes we’ll sneak it under their Christmas tree, other times we’ll get it back on Flag Day.

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I would love them from kids in the family. Neices and nephews, handmade. One of my friend’s daughters used to send me pictures she drew, not on holidays, just because, so sweet.

From adults, I don’t care either way, but it is so rare they are sent, that a note or card on an occassion would be a nice surprise and would give me a smile. And, it doesn’t have to be a holiday. Any time is nice.

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