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How can I build my first beehive?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1423points) March 6th, 2012

I am seeking to learn how to assemble the proper materials (which wood), with the proper sizes and all details necessary to accurately build my first beehive with a very important prerogative: Use of materials already available and/or Lowest cost possible to no cost (though know that I’m not in the U.S.). I indeed intend to use the slabs of wood I have left over from my building work, thus re-purposing rather than buying at outrageous sums (for instance from specified companies; the idea of which I dislike as a principal). But of course if any of you are experts or just more experienced than I am in the matter, and suggest I should inevitably do otherwise I will listen (but likely not do) ;-D
I realise beekeeping is a quite meticulous practice, but also that there are plenty variations to the cardinal technique. perhaps my belief in reusing and repurposing can be applied here as well, without denying the quality required?

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Look up some local Beekeepers in your area.
Most areas have them, maybe even a group you could join.
Very cool you want to house Bees. I just watched “The Vanishing of the Bees” documentary the other night.

Systemic pesticides seem to be the culprit, causing hive collapse and nervous system/neurological damage over generations. Sad. The bees need all the help they can get with organic feeding opportunities. I am sure you can find plenty of info. online as well.

Good luck!

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I strongly recommend you join a group of beekeepers in your locale prior to taking on this endeavor.

My family has always kept bees on properties, but we hire the beekeepers. This is not a job to be taken lightly.

The building of the skep ideally would be done with chemical free wood. What would you should use is deemed by your locale. You really need professional advice here. There are plenty o blogs and how-to’s on the Net. It’s still not something I would take on without guidance and support.

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Keep in mind your aim for doing beekeeping.

Will this be a commercial venture where you keep many bees and transport them to area farms to aid in their pollination and accept payment for that? In that case “portability” will be a big issue. You’ll need hives that are light enough and sized properly for transport in your area – and durable enough to withstand the to and fro movement. You’ll also want to be able to move the largest number of bees in the smallest and lightest hives that they will tolerate.

If you’re going to raise bees in a stationary environment for your own use or simply for enjoyment, then your construction methods and materials and design can be quite different.

But not knowing a thing about beekeeping, I’d also second the recommendation to work with others.

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I would love to keep bees. Good luck with your quest.

I would also advise talking to an apiarist. I had bees build a hive in my wall and this very old man came around and attached a one-way hive he had built himself to collect bees in these situations. So I am sure you can find someone who has the sort of experience you need.

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