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Can I make regular honey mimic the flavor of orange blossom honey?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10724points) March 29th, 2017

I suspect not. Orange blossom honey has a lighter flavor. The more inexpensive clover honey has a richer taste. Maybe you could make orange blossom honey taste like clover honey, but I would not.

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Some answers on this website say to possibly use orange zest or to take an orange peel and steep it in warm honey. The person who asked the question on the website is using a recipe to make the honey. This is all I could find about using regular honey to make orange blossom honey. I don’t think there really is a good way to make it using regular honey like you said.

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Maybe call bee free honee and see if they mimic orange blossom honey, and maybe you can mix some of their “honey” with real honey.

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Orange blossom does not taste like orange. It is called Neroli (Ner-o-lee) . You can buy it in flavour oil form. Here is a link to a place that sells it.

I used the hydrolat in a yoga mat cleaner I make. It smells super yummy and it completely safe for pregnant ladies.

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You can also buy orange blossom water.

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